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Over the past decade, cloud storage and online connection have become extremely common. The ability to house information online, and share that information has shown to be incredibly useful.

4 Ways @FriendUpCloud Is Bringing Blockchain Application to the Mainstream

The only problem is that operating systems are often segmented, lacking compatibility with other systems and applications. The FriendUp project solves this problem not only for businesses, but for individuals as well.

According to a survey, 93% of organizations reported using at least one cloud service . Unfortunately, the centralized options currently available are often at risk of insider threats, government intrusion, and cyber attack, amongst others.

“‘Vodafone's breach of 2 million customer records and the Edward Snowden breach at the NSA are wake-up calls that the most serious breaches are due to insider threats and privileged user access,’ said Eric Chiu, president and co-founder of HyTrust, a cloud infrastructure control company” (

In addition, operating systems do not currently have an ecosystem with compatibility across the board. This results in data and systems that are segregated, resulting in difficulty. It is often the case that people may not be truly satisfied with their products. “This operating system will not work on that computer”, “that app is not available on this operating system”, etc.

Blockchain can solve many of the issues above. But there currently seems to be a disconnect between the significant current interest in blockchain, and businesses ability to implement its use case. FriendUp is filling this void.

Here are 4 ways FriendUp are using blockchain for mainstream application:

1 - Safer Yet More Connected Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is often very useful. But, as mentioned above, often has a single point of failure, which can be much more subject to hacking and lack of privacy. Employing blockchain requires successful hacking of an almost impossible number of sources for a breach to occur.

FriendUp has created “a space where users can participate with their computing power, bandwidth and storage space, by running Friend servers, to form a user owned infrastructure where freedom and privacy is in focus”.

FriendUp also adds improved access, where “users are offered the opportunity to create a personal, virtual computer that is always available, anywhere and at any time. This is the virtual Friend Cloud Computer. Here, the Friend Workspace lets them access the entire network in an easy to use desktop, or mobile environment - the interface adapts to their device. This computer can be augmented with new disks, applications and services from the Friend Store, populating their desktop. It is the next step in computing”.

2 - Greater Compatibility

Systems and programs often have difficulty communicating with each other, resulting in lack of compatibility. FriendUp “allows developers to create applications that are accessible on any device capable of running a browser”. This level of access may provide many new opportunities.

Friend is the only platform to offer a true ‘write once, run anywhere’ experience - on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.” The application of this statement seems endless. A developer’s dream… not needing to worry about compatibility. An opportunity to use their God-given creativity with significantly fewer boundaries.

Nokia Foundation Award winner Professor Pekka Abrahamson calls FriendUp “The first true platform for liquid software”.

Customers also benefit from greater developer freedom in this manner as well. Customers have access to better apps and programs that were not previously an option.

Exchange of data to other users is important as well. “Friend Network allows applications to exchange data between two or more users, connecting systems and apps together. The data can either flow through the server or use a peer-to-peer connection between the client computers”.

3 - Seemingly Limitless Potential

FriendUp is like a big customizable online computer, with seemingly limitless potential. Imagine having your entire computer experience safely accessible from any device. This means essentially being able to log in to a device, and see all your apps, files, data, etc., all housed in a decentralized fashion online on a blockchain server (which is extremely difficult, if not impossible to hack).

The application for FriendUp’s ecosystem are seemingly endless. Imagine getting a new computer, and not having to be concerned with transferring any files.

“Anyone can gain access to their own Friend Cloud Computers in seconds. Users can utilize the Friend Network to run applications, access services and use data resources” (FriendUp).

4 - Even More Customization

“For organizations looking for a consistent look and feel over all machines, Friend will be able to produce Friend Templates and will make available tools and services lowering the entry-barrier for others wanting to develop their own Templates” (FriendUp).

This allows organizations to have consistency in what they are trying to achieve with their systems, which may have significant value.

Still Positive

At current, the cryptocurrency space has seen significant negativity, resulting from a difficult year in terms of price. Many have left the crypto space altogether, with the overall market cap remaining at a sizeable fraction of what it was in January 2018. However, projects continue to develop at a significant rate, with blockchain technology being used in newer and more exciting ways. It is a positive sign that projects continue to develop, even when prices are down. This shows promise for the future of the blockchain and crypto space. Projects like FriendUp may just be the future.

*This is a sponsored content post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view and interpretation, and should not be considered financial advice for anyone to buy or sell anything. Always conduct your own independent research before making decisions for your portfolio.


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