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The rap game is a constant battle towards the top. Your words, your rhythm, your rhyme... your beef, your allies, and time you spend make or break you on the slippery slopes towards platinum.

7 Rap Gods Who Got Into Crypto Early - Get Rich or Die HODLing on the Blockchain

God-like lyricists who have brought millions of fans together across the globe.

Going for the bag?

You might think you are ambitious when seeking the riches, but these lyrical monsters have taken the notion to a completely different level. Blockchain acumen aside, you don’t need to be Tech Khalifa to get into cryptocurrencies.

Just check out these seven rap gods who are not only pushing crypto just to maintain, but trying to bring hype to the entire industry for the rest of the world.

1. Snoop Dogg

Of course coming in to start the show is one of my personal favourites to see endorse crypto - Snoop D, O-double, G. When first learning that snoop got into blockchain tech I was a very happy. What coins is he hodling? One of the world’s most entertaining rappers of all time, his personality definitely shines in the crypto world.

Making multiple appearances and performances during blockchain week in New York this year, Snoop Dogg has become a staple that bridges the masses towards this miraculous technology that is drawing lots of attention.

I’d say if Snoop dog were to have a Hype Score, it would simply be off the charts.

2. 50 Cent

You’ll find him in the club, with a wallet full of coins?… or will you?

50 cent hit the crypto spotlight earlier this year in January after the world found out he accepted over $400,000 in Bitcoin (700 at the time) for his album, Animal Ambition, in 2014.

After bitcoin hit all-time-highs in December, Fitty was dubbed a ‘bitcoin millionaire’ by the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Only to renounce the title shortly following court procedings where the rapper needed to prove his bankruptcy filing was with the ‘faxx’.

In the courtroom It was said that Mr. Jackson actually converted his bitcoin instantly to USD upon receiving it as payment for his music in 2014. 50 Cent had to prove that he didn’t own any cryptocurrency during it skyrocketing high prices in order to evade heavy penalties.

But hey, you never know. Finding $400 000 dollars in the accounting books three years ago maybe easier than finding where 700 bitcoins went on the blockchain, at any given time.

I’m sure 50 Cent can appreciate that.

“I dunno what you heard about me, but you can’t a get a bitcoin outta me…” - 50 Cent
Get the strap !

3. Nipsey Hustle

Ermias Asghedom, more popularly know as the visceral verbalist, Nipsy Hussle, invested into Bitcoin all the way back in 2013 (5 years is an eternity in crypto).

Those returns certainly made him happy. Happy enough to have ownership stake in Amerstdam-based crypto company Follow Coin.

Aside from his obvious financial contributions towards the blockchain ecosystem, Nipsey has some pretty profound thoughts on the topic of Bitcoin and blockchain, and sees the technology as something everyone will use in the future as it is slowly mass adopted. Check out some quotes below during his interview with XXL magazine.

Nipsey thoughts on mass adoption:

“But imagine when you can pay for Starbucks with cryptocurrency, when you could checkout on Amazon with your cryptocurrency. What will that do to the value and the confidence of people investing? That’s the opportunity. When retail accepts it as a form of payment, you gonna see the real boom. For these coins to be where they’re at, it lets you know how high the ceiling is.”

Nipsey’s comments on FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) from financial institutions and governments because of the profound threat that decentralized currencies and blockchain technology pose to the centralized money storages:

“Right, and just for the record, the resistance is purely political. I don’t think that the resistance is organic. Because this currency is not linked to central banks. It’s unregulated. That means a lot for the power structure that exists now. People that’s in power—the central banks, these fiat currencies that are traded globally—they got influence over the messaging and the narrative in the media. When you see people on Fox and traditional investors saying, ‘Don’t invest. Don’t put your money in these coins,’ that’s not actual financial advice. That’s political rhetoric.”

And lastly his comments on doing your own research (DYOR):

“Just educate yourself. Do your research, your due diligence. It’ll take a week and you’ll be able to absorb the majority of the important information. It’s not a hard concept to understand. If you can understand supply and demand […] you can understand cryptocurrency.”

4. The Game ‘Rapper’

Marijuana and the blockchain industry have been skipping happily, hand in hand, into pop culture for the last few years. From weed stocks hitting all-times highs on a regular basis, to relaxing regulations in North America by forward thinking governments, weed is making a huge wave.

The Game, the LA based gorilla of a rapper, saw this wave as an opportunity for a different type of bag.

He teamed up with Miss Iowa’s Jessica Versteeg, founder of Paragon, a blockchain company looking to revolution the pot industry, and actually ended up raising more than $70 million during its ICO in 2017.

Unfortunately investors now want their money back. The crowdfunding campaign did not register with the SEC and there are some fears that the tokens are in fact securities and subject to securities law in the U.S.

As for The Game, he’s most likely sitting pretty with all of the influencer payments he most likely received for being part of the campaign.

But I would wager that this won’t be the last time we see him talking crypto on the blockchain.

5. Nas

If Nas ruled the world, he would probably make everyone use bitcoin. Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones has been in the blockchain industry from time!

Check out this short video of the rapper taking investments and bitcoin for an audience at SXSW.

Nas has turned himself into a venture capitalism machine looking to score big on one or more of his many technology investments.

But his interest in the blockchain and crypto stands out more so than most.

Nas invested in the San Francisco start up, Coinbase, back in 2014 when crypto was for nerds. Nas even has his own domain on -

Quote from Nas concerning the future of cryptocurrency in our society:

“(Bitcoin) will evolve into an industry as big, if not bigger, than the internet. My man Ben Horowitz really opened my eyes to that point. This isn’t of the internet age. Bitcoin is its own age.”

It’s safe to say that this rapper feels no ways for weak hands.

6. Ghost Face Killah

“Cash rules everything around me…”, well not exactly. Apparently crypto is the ruling entity of our world now, and the Wu-Tang titan, Ghostface Killah wants you to know about it through his own blockchain cryptocurrency 'C.R.E.A.M.'

'Crypto Rules Everything Around Me' ICOed in November of 2017. Now although the ICO aimed at raising a whopping $30 Ms, the market capitalization of CreamCoin today is a meager $650 racks.

So aside from the welcome enthusiasm from GFK to bring crypto to the mainstream, it may be a quite a while before ICO investors actually get to see a return on their contributions to his coin.

There is a potential debit card is on the horizon as well as crypto ATM, some already active in North Carolina, but it is apparent that Cream Capital will need a huge boost in market cap, and roadmap development if the WuTang spittah intends to see a return on his… participation.

7. DJ Khaled

We’re rounding off the list with someone who might not necessarily be a rapper PER SE, but he is most certainly round.

DJ Khaled has provided the world with an abundance of heart and creativity in his productions for many, many years. He is revered by some of the godliest rappers of all time - he is da best after all.

But unfortunately for Khaled, his dive into crypto wasn’t so key.

Partnering up with Centra Tech, an ICO accused of fraudulent crowdfunding practice by the SEC, DJ Khaled finds himself amongst others like Floyd Mayweather, and the Game, who have also ventured into crypto to become blockchain amabassadors.

The prevalence of scam and subsequent allegations by the securities commission is definitely discouraging to the crypto world. We don’t want to play ourselves.

Hopefully nothing comes of the allegations to any of these superstars though.

I personally want to see more celebrities endorsing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects as they really do help with mass adoption, and getting normal people more involved with their own personal finances and investing.

Blockchain technology might be complicated, but thinking about your finances, and your future, shouldn’t have to be.

Alex, Founder

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