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Wallets are like bank accounts for your tokens. I’ll go over all the major types of wallets and how to use them.

  • Exchanges
    How to send money to get started on popular exchanges.
  • Trading
    How to start trading, and things you should understand about the crypto markets.
  • Managing your portfolio
    Apps to help you get a better understanding of your gains & losses, and how to watch tokens and prices.
  • Security & safety
    Tips on maximizing security for your holdings, best practices, and how to avoid phishing scams, etc.
  • Common mistakes
    Costly mistakes you should avoid.
  • General tips & advice
    Advice that I’ve found helpful from my own experiences, from trading, to research, etc.
  • Resources
    Useful resources to learn more about the disruptive technology behind cryptocurrencies, keep up with crypto news, communities to engage in, and more.


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