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This step by step guide will show you how to get started investing with Lisa through her new automated investment portal GlobalcoinPayInv.

A Step-by-Step Crypto Guide to Weekly Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payouts: How to invest with Lisa & online blockchain income via GlobalCoinPayInv

Step 1: Register on GlobalCoinPayInv

The first thing you want to do is register on the website, you should see a registration page that looks like this, click the image below, or any others you find here, to get started:

30 Second registration on GlobalCoinpPayInv.

Step 2: Deposit your cryptocurrency onto the platform.

Once registered you will be presented with your dashboard:

Here is where you will be able to monitor your deposits, withdrawals, and repeat investments into the system.

In order to deposit cryptocurrency into the system simply click on Deposit fund on the top tab.

And then select your preferred method of deposit. I chose Ethereum because I love it and it has become part of my day to day transactions. You can also choose to deposit and invest Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash.

Once you’ve decided you now have to let the platform know that you are making the deposit. Just click on add fund and this prompt should come up. Enter the amount you intend to send to the platform. This is like placing your order for your deposit.

You will be given a preview and the deposit address for your cryptocurrency, whichever one you chose to invest.

Take that deposit address and then make the actual transaction for the intended amount to GlobalCoinPay.

IMPORTANT**** You must screenshot proof of your deposit, or have the URL for the transaction for the GlobalCoinPay team and Lisa. Here is what that looks like.

Lisa and her team has to make sure they are keeping track of all deposits aside from simply sending coins. Simply fill out as much as you can with relevant information to the deposit.

I’ve included both screenshots and URLs. Another reason why I like Ethereum, it’s very easy to track transactions as well.

Click on ‘Submit Now’ to submit your transaction.

You will get a prompt saying ‘Successfully Submitted’ and you can now check your deposit history to see if your deposit is pending.

Once the deposit is complete, you can then choose which investment plan you want to start.

Back on your dashboard your deposits should be updated.

Time to start investing.

Step 3: Choose investment plan for your profit.

There are 4 investment plans to choose from.

Click on the investment package you want.

Current Investments Available on GlobalCoinPay:


1,000 USD - 30,000 USD

1 Week Duration

15% Return on Investment


1,000 USD - 50,000 USD

2 Week Duration

30% Return on Investment


1,000 USD - 100,000 USD

Monthly Duration

60% Return on Investment


100,000 USD - 1,000,000 USD

Monthly Duration

100% Return on Investment

I personally chose to Invest $1000 USD for my first investment, and chose a starter package at a 1 week duration for 15%.

A new screen will come up asking you how much you want to invest. Choose an amount within the range of the package.

A prompt will show up to confirm the investment.

Click on Yes I’m Sure

Your investment has now been made.

Check your investment history to monitor your payout schedule.

It’s that simple to get started investing with this amazing program. Anyone already in the #InvestwithLisa community knows how powerful this investment is - but now we can manage everyone on our own.

Personal income at its finest.

Hope this helps!

Alex, Founder

Check out some of the testimonials below:


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