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Woah! You never know what you will find when you dig, and I mean really dig deep into the cryptocurrency and blockchain community online. This ecosystem is flourishing with life in all directions. But for what I’ve just come across, it took jumping a serious language barrier in order to fully understand what this mission was, and how much value is intrinsically embedded into this cryptocurrency.

Enter Acchain (ACC), otherwise known as, Asset Collection Chain.





Acchain is the 'blockchain network of real world asset digitization' - We can now create a currency for any product or commodity on the ACC blockchain

The sleeping giant awakes.

I’ve spent the last few days looking at this very interesting blockchain initiative out of China. Check them out on Twitter when you have a chance.

This team has actually come up with a way to create digital assets, or tokens, of any kind, for any tangible product or commodity you can think of. They are essentially digitizing the tangible world. And doing it very quickly I might add.

ACChain has its own open-source public blockchain.
The digital presence for a brand new blockchain initiative with a currency is important. Strong presence = strong community. It's these sort of things that excite an ambitious ICO investor. Acchain has barely even surfaced in North American markets. So the potential has still yet to be realized. #Moon is likely once people start to figure out what Acchain actually is

I know that digitizing the tangible world may sound a bit nutty, but this where the magnificence of the blockchain comes into action. The campaigning of ICOs has typically been to simply create markets around a blockchain platform, get token participants, then to the exchange, and let the market create value through constant transactions and demand for the services that the tokens have access to. But it seems like creating currencies and issuing airdrops over night is becoming a repetitive norm.

There are so many different platforms coming out now that it is hard to understand what gives them actual value.

In the case of the Ethereum network, a smart-contract solution for any and all transactions, conditions, terms, and agreements, can be built on the blockchain, and then have a token, which is devoted to that particular transaction, be issued to ICO hungry and willing participants. That’s why you are seeing so many platforms pop up for so many initiatives. TRX is a good example. They’ve even created their own blockchain for applications as well, and also nurtures one of the most vibrant communities, of any kind, that Ive ever seen. But ultimately, they are still part of a much larger movement in the crypto ecosystem.

The business and administrative protocols of the corporate world are becoming digitized faster and faster everyday, especially in 2018. So you can expect to see many more ICO’s bloom from the Ethereum blockchain, and other platforms that are creating blockchains themselves.

But where does that leave Acchain?

ACC has no direct connection with BTC or Ethereum's network.

The Acchain works in tandem with the BTC and ETH networks to power its super node exchange platform for it's own currencies.

Acchain has evolved into a blockchain platform of its own. So much so that it is sophisticated enough to digitize any product or commodity into a tokenized asset, and then have that asset traded on its OWN exchange for other tokens, or even cash. This is huge - we're talking about an exchange that can trade any tangible asset against any other tangible asset in a massive digitized free-for-all.

An entire market swirling with categories prepared to digitize literally everything.

Acchain differentiates itself by being the glue that binds our tangible, real world, products and commodities to our digitized virtual world with no barriers. Not only are you digitizing tangible assets, but with the Acchain, coins you receive are immediately redeemable for other product tokens also found on Acchain blockchain.

You can actually buy things using Acchain coins like other digital assets that have been tokenized on the Acchain blockchain, or even participate in ICOs using Acchain technology.

I’m a big use case and functional utility guy, so seeing that you can actually use these tokens for something is a huge plus for me. On top of them acting like ETH gas for digitizing other tokens is only a plus.

Giving this initiative a life unto itself, and more importantly, the potential for a brimming ecosystem of tokens back by hard commodities.

Imagine a marketplace where you could by and sell products by the simple exchanging tokens? That is exactly what Acchain is - I mean, someone has already digitized tea…

But here’s a more relevant example of this platform in action with the digitization of over $650 million in residential assets owned by a Texas development group. It is the digitization of capital like this that make me think Acchain is going to be an earthquake for the ecosystem once people actually understand what it means for our everyday tangible products. Remember, market cap is extremely important in this new financial ecosystem. So seeing a project of this magnitude is a strong indication to me that this thing is already rolling but we just don’t know it yet.

The new token for that residential project is called RET and was born from the Asset Collection Chain. The token's platform for buying selling real estate will ultimately be up to the group in Texas, but it would be exciting to see if property could be purchased through RET in the future. That is the type of potential we are talking about with the ACChain.

This gives investors comfort in knowing they have access to very healthy and steady markets through an asset backed currency.

I thought was jaw dropping to be honest - this process of real estate acquisition is way easier than a mortgage. Being able to buy property from this huge developer from the comfort of your laptop computer is now possible through ACChain.

Again, this is groundbreaking for the real estate industry as I suspect there will be more than one development group looking to digitize their assets over the next few years.

So on top of being able to trade these ACC coins, which are backed by actual products, commodities, even real estate projects, you will be able to spend them on these products or commodities that are also using Acchain digitization blockchain platform, but more importantly, you have also access to cash.

This gives Acchain one of the biggest potential for liquidity inflow as investors know they will be able to access their tokens easily, but also access traditional currency markets with those very same cryptocurrencies.

The actual ACCoin, is considered the 'international supernode currency' generated on the ACChain blockchain. It anchors all digital assets on the ACChain, also enabling exchange with the local currencies of each regional node worldwide (wow!).

Making ACCoin the first standard digital currency with the capability of global digital asset exchange and settlement.

ACCoin circulates as a global settlement currency. On the super nodes trade platforms, the transactions of mainstream digital currency can be made.

The super node platform gives you access to traditional real world currencies using ACCoin.

To me this represents a milestone in the world of blockchain.

Because we are now connecting some of the foggier parts of the ecosystem with a binding force between tokens and the currencies we have been familiar with our entire lives, the ones in our bank accounts.

Which is one of the biggest hurdles for cryptocurrency to be the mainstream mode of finance.

Not my actual hands, but very close - hahahah.

Again, language barriers are real obstacles on the blockchain. But after carefully dissecting their digital media and platform, as well as attempting to explore some Chinese forums, this was very interesting by the way, it’s pretty obvious that this mission is a sleeping giant - I used the google translate button MANY times.

Again I will refer to the title:

ACChain is the ‘blockchain network of real world asset digitization’.

Because just as the Ethereum blockchain network was able to catalyze infinite possibilities for the digitization of smart contracts,

Acchain has done the same for our real life products and commodities. Making it the blockchain that is digitizing our real world.

Great Acchain Manga, love it!

And the only thing separrating Acchain from hitting the surface of the moon, once it hits exchanges, is a simple language barrier between a broader audience and their digital presence. And I suspect as more people write about them over time, we will soon see English speaking markets running away with the ACC discord.

Once investors and ICO participants get the gist of Acchain platform functionality, and the infinite opportunities for digitization in the real world - exchanges will be #Moon for ACC.

Until next time.



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