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Investing - May 1, 2018

Artificial intelligence for everyday tasks.

Aitheon (AIC) - ICO - Artificially intelligent, digital symbiosis, our robotic world - @AitheonOfficial

“The digital ecosystem simplifying your world through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis” (

PRE - ICO Basics:

Pre-Sale Start Date - 1/18/2018

(*Pre-Sale sold out with $8,750,000 raised).

ICO Basics:

Start Date - 4/20/2018

End Date - 6/5/2018

ICO Price - 1 AIC = $0.35 USD equivalent

(“Price will be pinned to ETH in real time” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 29).

Discount as follows -

4/20/18 - 4/27/18: 30% Discount ($0.245 USD per AIC)

4/28/2018 - 5/4/18: 25% Discount ($0.2625 USD per AIC)

5/5/18 - 5/11/18: 20% Discount ($0.28 USD per AIC)

5/12/18 - 5/18/18: 15% Discount ($0.2975 USD per AIC)

5/19/18 - 5/25/18: 10% Discount ($0.315 USD per AIC)

5/26/18 - 6/1/18: 5% Discount ($0.3325 USD per AIC)

6/2/18 - 6/5/18: 0% Discount ($0.35 USD per AIC)

ICO Hard Cap - 250,000,000 AIC Tokens

(“Any unsold tokens from the Pre-Sale or ITO/TGE will be placed in the mining pool for use within the Aitheon platform in the future” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 28).)

AIC Token Basics:

Image From: (3dman_eu)

Token Name - AIC

Token Supply - 3,500,000,000 AIC (As per AIC Whitepaper page 27).

Token Type - ERC20 (Built on Ethereum blockchain)

(Depending on necessity or lack thereof, there is a possibility that AIC will move to its own blockchain in the future).

Token Function - Utility to allow access/participation in the Aitheon community for holders.

The Problem:

There are numerous tasks in life that are mundane, difficult, and tremendously time consuming. Unfortunately these tasks can often take precious time away from individuals, leaving less time for passion, creativity, and efficiency. Said tasks can be anything from filling out forms, to organizing/filing documents. With regards to businesses, there can often be significantly larger amounts of tedious and time consuming tasks that take time away from innovation and progress. This is where Aitheon aims to provide innovation, and significant positive change.

What is Aitheon? The Solution:

Image From: (Tumisu)

Simply put, Aitheon aims to create a platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics, to provide automation for specified business processes. Their system would look to decrease the amount of time spent on tedious and time consuming tasks, which, can instead, be automated for optimal business efficiency. Aitheon will also look to create more remote jobs, due to the need for AI development, maintenance, etc.

Aitheon - Digging Deeper:

Image From: (Seanbatty)

One would think that providing AI solutions for the aforementioned tasks would mean fewer jobs for people. In contrast to this however, is the Aitheon platform. Although artificial intelligence, robots, and other technologies can often dramatically improve efficiency and task completion time, they often need the guidance and aid of human judgement.

Aitheon Tech Details:

Image From: (janjf93)

AI Modules -

“AI modules are AI-enabled business applications that solve common business problems. Applications like accounting, payroll, inventory management, purchasing, shipping, point-of-sale (POS) systems, website management, and more” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 7). These tasks can often be dreaded by businesses and can sometimes be seen as time consuming chores, where time spent could be better utilized elsewhere. Aitheon’s AI platform takes advantage of taking steps to automate these tasks and make them faster and simpler.

Digibots -

“Digibots are virtual robots within the Aitheon ecosystem that automate business processes” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 7). Digibots provide great value to the Aitheon system. Many back-end tasks can be repetitive and mindless. Digibots, directed by AI or humans, will essentially be able to accomplish these tasks more quickly, as well as take in data and solve problems. To have this kind of assistance should be of great value.

Mechbots & Connected Devices -

“Mechbots are physical robots, sensors and other connected (IoT) devices” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 7). The Aitheon platform will look to help businesses integrate such automation. These can be aspects such as robotic coffee makers, lawn mowers, etc. There are many applications for Mechbots and Connected Devices. This seems to be in the area of automating more front end operations for efficiency, with largely broad application.

Aitheon Specialists -

Image From: (mohamed_hassan)

Aitheon Specialists are the aforementioned humans needed to provide optimization. These specialists can be seen as similar to freelance workers. The blockchain will be used to keep record of work accomplished, and client data will be anonymous. “AI and robotics might execute the first 90-99% of a business process. The remaining 1-10% of a business process often requires some sort of human interaction or intervention” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 7).

Aithoen Pilots -

Mechbots can sometimes run into new problems or difficulties for which they do not have prior experience. Aitheon Pilots are human technicians that provide robot supervision across the globe. This can often be done on a remote location basis.

(Above information from Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 8)

Aitheon - What They Bring to the Table:

Image From: (intographics)

- Simplicity: Aitheon’s platform aims to be built in a user friendly manner, for a wider audience to use… not just for use by incredibly technically savvy users.

- Cost Savings: Aitheon aims to bring automation to back-end tasks, leading to less cost, time, and effort, for businesses.

- Cutting Edge Technology: “Aitheon’s platform-as-a-service (Paas) approach means technology is constantly updated in a process that is transparent to users. Unlike homegrown solutions, Aitheon is never outdated or obsolete” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 6).

- World-Wide Opportunity: Aitheon aims to have a low barrier to entry for individuals who are seeking opportunity.

- Frictionless Value Exchange: As stated above, Aitheon will have its own token. This should decrease aspects such as delays in processing, as well as lower risk. The Aitheon platform will look to have the benefit of being able to operate without third party financial institutions. AI will be able to send payments instantly, to involved specified humans.

- Human Optimization: Humans are used on the Aitheon platform to provide guidance and judgement to the system, and are subsequently paid in AIC tokens.

(Above info from Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 6)

Image From: (geralt)

Aitheon looks to bring vast innovation to the current world with their platform. With the guidance and monitoring of humans, AI/robotics can provide great assistance for businesses to work more efficiently, and more cost effectively. The next level of world-wide innovation might just be the Aitheon platform.

*Article written based on my interpretation of the data.


*This is a sponsored content post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view and should not be considered financial advice for anyone to buy or sell anything. Always conduct your own independent research before making decisions for your portfolio.


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