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Investing - May 1, 2018

Technology in today’s world is booming. The technology space moves incredibly fast. So fast in fact, that it can often seem like today’s innovative craze, will already be outdated by tomorrow morning. Aitheon looks to bring a solution that is on or ahead of the current cutting edge.

Aitheon: Not your everyday artificial intelligence solution - @AitheonOfficial

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As for the technology space in general, it seems as though businesses are extremely eager to integrate strong technological developments. Andy Patrizio states on, that “[a]lmost as soon as an AI company emerges from stealth mode, it seems to be acquired. According to CB Insights, 115 of 120 AI companies that exited the market in 2017 did so by acquisition. Clearly, there is interest in artificial intelligence and its ability to improve the human experience, despite pushback from naysayers who warn of AI’s disruption” (

Current AI Businesses:

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There are many current Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects and businesses already in existence. Banjo for example, uses AI to analyze social media to help businesses gain useful information (Patrizio, Banjo is “an ‘event-detection engine’ poised to disrupt industries all over the world” (Bourne, Amazon has accomplished work in the AI field as well, with their Alexa products. Twilio is also of relevance. “Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service (PaaS) company that allows software developers to integrate text messages, phone calls, and video calls into applications through the use of various APIs. Twilio's services are accessed over HTTP and are billed based on usage” (Patrizio, There are many businesses in the AI field that are making developments.

Why Aitheon?

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Aitheon aims to take two forms of cutting edge innovation (blockchain and AI), and use them together, to be of significant benefit to businesses using the Aitheon platform. Put simply, Aitheon looks to utilize AI and blockchain to help businesses automate repetitive but necessary tasks, in order to improve business efficiency. This includes many tasks… from payroll activities and inventory management, to more mundane tasks in the office that would much rather be handled by automation without human intervention. There is a long list of tasks that can be done more quickly and efficiently using AI. Aitheon looks at this opportunity from the perspective of relying on AI to complete the majority of a specified task, with a human to put the finishing touch on the task and see that all goes according to plan.

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For hypothetical example, lets say every time Business A must do their payroll, it takes 2 hours to complete. What if they could have AI set up to complete 90% of the payroll process, and only need to spend 12 minutes on payroll to complete the process, which was mostly completed by AI? And what if that 12 minutes could even be automatically completed by a remote specialist? This is just one area in which time could be saved, so that owners, managers, etc., would then be able to spend time on business growth and relations, instead of time consuming, tedious tasks. In its most basic form, this is the type of example which might be possible with Aitheon.

Aitheon’s Decentralized Approach:

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As mentioned above, humans are needed for small parts of tasks, and seeing that they are completed according to plan. This can be done remotely by specialists. “The Aitheon Specialist model is similar to freelancing but with client data anonymity from the specialist and a blockchain of events recording work done” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 7). The ability to work remotely provides more job opportunities, while at the same time opening the Aitheon platform to a global range of talent for their platform, instead of having a centralized pool of talent that must work on location. The Aitheon Specialist would also be paid in AIC tokens, which eliminates the need for third party payment options, and aids to the decentralized outlook of Aitheon.

Aitheon will also have Aitheon Pilots. “Technicians trained as Aitheon Pilots can supervise robots all over the world to ensure proper performance, even from remote locations. Aitheon Pilots will be certified by Aitheon and trained in conjunction with the robot manufacturer” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 8). If, for example, a robot needed help solving a problem, one of the Aitheon Pilots on standby would be able to be keyed into the situation and take control of the robot to solve the problem manually, or provide a correction. Pilots would also be paid in AIC tokens.

As stated above, AIC tokens will be an avenue of payment. “There is currently no simple way for businesses and individuals to render or collect payment for services in operations that are initiated by AI” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 9). Having the ability to send payment through a cryptocurrency (AIC) is extensively beneficial in that it allows the involved parties to be compensated for their work, in a manner that is faster and more efficient, with the potential for greater confidence in compensation for said work as well.

Catering to Varying Needs:

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One size fits all is often times not the best approach. Aitheon will have a development program, which will look to cater to specific needs of larger businesses if necessary. Aitheon realizes that larger businesses may need specific solutions to problems that may not be already addressed within the current Aitheon AI modules. For this reason, Aitheon will have an AI development program.

Breeding Innovation:

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Innovation can often provide the atmosphere for greater innovation. “The Aitheon Creators Program is a unique development and implementation platform as well as a marketplace for Creators” (Aitheon Whitepaper, p. 10). The Aitheon ecosystem/platform will look to provide a place for creators to collaborate, and leverage each others skills, providing greater accomplishments. This is another way in which Aitheon uses decentralization… Many creators have different gifts. It should be more effective to use everyones different strengths collectively to accomplish a common goal. Aitheon also provides a gateway for innovators to bring their creations to market.

Aitheon is not simply looking to build a business/platform. They are looking to build an ecosystem and community that will lead to continual growth and innovation… a solution for efficiency for businesses, as well as job opportunities and gateways for innovation and collaboration.

*Article written based on my interpretation of the data.


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