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Investing - May 1, 2018

Let's meet some of the team members behind the Aitheon project.

Aitheon - Motivation of the mission, and the team behind the intelligence -@AitheonOfficial

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The team for every project is of crucial importance as they largely determine the success of the project. A passionate, skilled team can bring innovative ideas to life and change the world.

Team & Motivations

Andrew Archer (CEO and Founder) -

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Andrew is a motivated and talented individual at the head of the Aitheon team. According to, amazingly, Andrew started his first company at the age of sixteen. He produced robotics motor controllers connected through wifi. He has worked on the implementation of robotics in a vast array of arenas, such as the military, medical, and automotive fields, to name a few. “As quoted from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, ‘[w]ith more entrepreneurs like Andrew - we could see a bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing’” ( Andrew sees great potential in robotics and the benefit they can provide in working with humans. He is involved in community programs such as Wreck Lab Make Lab, and takes pride in motivating and helping young students. He is also the leader of the development teams for Aitheon. (Above information from

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According to, Andrew has a strong amount of experience as a CEO as well. In addition to Aitheon, Andrew has also been the CEO for Fedora Labs since 2014. Prior to Aitheon and Fedora Labs, Andrew was CEO for Excel Manufacturing for six and a half years. He was also CEO of Robotics Redefined Incorporated, for nine years. He also worked as R&D for Rockwell Automation for seven months, back in 2007.

Andrew clearly seems to be passionate about what he does, which very important. Dale Dougherty writes in an article on, that Andrew’s mother “encouraged him to participate in robotics programs outside of school and he found something he loved--building robots that could do complex tasks. His experience solving challenges for robotics competitions led him to start a robotics company when he was 17” (Dougherty, Following passion often motivates people to work harder and succeed at what they love, which can be a crucial piece in achieving success, and possibly changing the world.

Ryan Burleson (Chief Strategy Officer) -

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Ryan is the Chief Strategy Officer for Aitheon. Ryan has twenty-three years of experience in the areas of disruptive technology, innovative solutions, and business development. Ryan has many passions, including “Autonomous Solutions, IT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Nanotechnology” ( Ryan has vast experience in upper level positions, for both public and private companies. “He is able to see past complex problems, identify root causes, and to help solve complex, multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, and often arduous problems… Ryan has also invented multiple fully functional robotic systems that are in use all around the world today” ( (Above information from

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According to, Ryan received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Phoenix. In addition to working with AItheon, Ryan has a broad range of experience working for other businesses. He is the CoFounder and CEO of Smart City Robotics (starting about two years ago). Smart City Robotics is involved in the area of robotic parking of vehicles. Ryan is also the Cofounder of Boundless Minds, a “[r]obotics and logistics consultant, designer, and inventor for multiple industries” ( He has been involved in Boundless Minds since 2008. He was the VP of Automation and Co-Inventor for Park Plus Inc for four years, and the COO/inventor for Boomerang Systems inc. for one and a half years. Ryan was also the Manager of Sales and Installation Operations for Champion, for over three years, and the Regional Director of Operations for SOAR Enterprises for seven years. (Above information from

Sergei (Head of Development) -

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“Sergei has 9 years of experience in developing high-quality web applications” ( He has focuses on things such as microservices, architecture, JavaScript, and NoSQL databases. Sergei skilled in a broad range of areas, “from front-end to back-end development and everything in between” (

Saad Shah (Lead UX/UI Designer) -

Image From: describes Saad as having significant experience over the past eight years as a lead UX/UI designer for multiple different companies. He “believes that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” ( This statement can be a very effective approach to many situations, in that often times, people over complicated solutions, often leading to lack of efficiency/added effort and stress.

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In addition to Aitheon, Saad has also been in the role of UX/UI Designer for Tenrox By Upland for the past three years. Prior, he was UX/Ui Designer for Crossover for Work for almost one year, Co-Founder/Owner of I-Intellect Inc for almost six years, Lead UX/UI Designer/Developer for Real Strategic Inc. for almost one year, Ux/UI Designer for Spree Commerce for almost one year, Lead UX/UI Designer for Giooby for over one year, and UI Designer for for almost two years. Saad received his Bachelor’s degree in User Interface Design from COMSATS Institute Information Technology Abbottabad. (Above information from

Rachel Wang (Executive Assistant) -

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Rachel plays an important utility role on the Aitheon team, being the “Swiss army knife of the Aitheon team” as described by also states that Rachel has a great work ethic solid managerial skills. states that Rachel has a BS in Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, receiving “Clinical Student of the Year 15’-17’”.

Erica Harvitt (Director of Brand and Marketing) -

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“While earning her BA in Psycology and Business with a focus in business marketing, Erica worked extensively in the conference & exhibition arena as a promotional representative for various brands; working her way up to Hiring and Model Manager for Vektor Vodka brand within the Suns Stadium” (

According to her LinkedIn profile, Erica has over a year of experience as an Occupational Therapist at Jackson Therapy Associates, and two years of experience as Pediatric Habilitation Provider at HBSC. She got her Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University, and her BA in psychology and Business from Arizona State University.

Ramzie Shams (Creative Director) -

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Ramzie has various experience in film, as Cinematographer and Editor. He has experience working in film for the Clinton Foundation, “implementing wireless internet devices in remote areas of Ethiopia and Kenya” ( He also worked as “Director of Photography for the Tourism Board of Guatemala; where he documented the inner network of recently discovered pyramids in the rainforest” ( He has a BA in International Business as well. (Above information from

Alexandros Toutzaris (ICO Relations Manager) -

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Alexandros heads up the Telegram group for the Aitheon Telegram channel. He is a veteran member in the community team. He is also “[a]n active member of Mensa since 2016” (

Daniel Spyralatos (Social Media Manager) -

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Daniel has experience managing social media marketing for several brands, “including 3 sold out ICOs” (, and attends the Educational Institute of Central Greece, working towards his bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. (Above information from


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Cyrus Hodes

Moe Levin

Lead Admins:

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The Lead Admins for Aitheon-

Xavier Rosseel

Gerrit Chrysler

Marco Poliquin

Shantikumar Chougule

*Article written based on my interpretation of the data.

*This is a sponsored content post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view and should not be considered financial advice for anyone to buy or sell anything. Always conduct your own independent research before making decisions for your portfolio.


Dougherty, D. (2012, July 11). From Knock-Offs To 'Make-Offs'. Retrieved May 1, 2018, from


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