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The DOBI Dobby Trading Platform officially announced that several major consortiums such as Capital, Thai Royal Family, and Hong Kong Real Estate have invested more than US$10 million in the Dolby trading platform to help Dobby's trading platform enhance its own strength and lay out global development.

The DOBI Dolby trading platform and the consortiums such as Capital, Thailand and Hong Kong have discussed in a number of meetings for three months, and finally decided to jointly invest in the stock investment plan. It is intended to cooperate with the Dolby trading platform to expand domestic and foreign teams and deploy overseas ATMs .

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As the leading digital asset trading platform in Asia, DOBI is committed to providing convenient, secure, reliable and professional currency trading and legal currency trading services to users around the world. DOBI registered users from more than 100 countries around the world, and in March 2018 merged the legal currency trading area and currency trading area, providing platform users with a faster way to trade.

The platform has both soft and hard strength

Dobby trading platform has won several major financial strengths such as blockchain technology, platform operation and security protection. At present, the number of registered companies on the Dobby trading platform exceeds 500,000, and the total number of new users per day exceeds 300 days.

Business involves a wide range of development strategies

The Dolby trading platform was successfully launched on the Coinmarketcap International Exchange in 2018 and is currently ranked in the top 100. In addition to having a professional online trading platform, the Dolby trading platform has the advantage of being different from other exchanges in having its own offline digital asset trading platform, the Dolby Blockchain Digital Asset Self-Service Terminal (ATM). Online and offline, the two-way perfect combination provides users with a convenient and fast trading experience.

DOBI Executive Team

Now, the Dolby trading platform has been funded through this consortium, and will be deployed in all aspects of technology research and development, team development and overseas layout. The influx of funds has helped to speed up the operation of digital asset trading on the trading platform, and the user trading link is faster and more convenient. At the same time, we will add more blockchain technical talents and make every effort to build a high-quality team of trading platforms. The increasing number of users, while bringing more and more benefits to the trading platform, also provides users with more profit opportunities. The upcoming trading mining will open a new chapter for the Dolby trading platform!

As for the establishment of the capital in August 2017, it is the investment institution of Zhilong Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., which focuses on blockchain project investment, quantitative trading in the digital currency secondary market, and the annualized return income of the fund management fund in 17 years. The rate is over 2000%. Currently, the value of the digital block fund in the capital blockchain is about 20 million US dollars.

With the support of multi-party teams and funds, Dobby will continue to deepen the domestic and international markets in terms of technology development, platform security and marketing, while fully promoting the steady development of the Dobby trading platform and proactively deploying the global map.


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