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Those of you part of the Stake United community already know how powerful of a passive income platform it can be for absolutely anyone.

Best New PoS Mining Cryptocurrency on Stake United: DVX PRE-SALE - A community revolution through stable, high value staking structure. - @DvxCoin

DVX is a proof of stake crypto done right - check out the structure!

Literally, there is no technical ability required to earn cryptocurrency by staking everyday through the Stake United proof of stake mining community. It’s simple - just point and click.

I’ve been staking hard for 5 months now and have watched, not only my account grow, but the staking community evolve into something vibrant and optimistic about the future of transactions and digital payments.

Different tokens and coins come and go all of the time, many with poorly planned structures and lacking roadmaps - that's not the case with DVX.

This cryptocurrency was thought out from the beginning, and built for intention of longevity..

That’s why I’m happy to see that this brand new team behind DVX has taken the initiative, in the ways of staking structure and community, and have created a platform that not only pays out hodlers with high value, yet very stable staking rewards. But also the team brings something to the table that all cryptocurrencies so desperately need…

And that is UTILITY.

A marketplace for my staking coin!!

DVX will not only be a powerful staking coin, similar to popular rewards seen in MONK, DeviantCoin, APR, and LUX, but the DVX team is making sure that it’s community members will actually be able to buy things with this cryptocurrency.

In addition to being a privacy coin just like the massive success of DeviantCoin (DEV), these are the type of technical advancements needed to continue the optimism in both the staking community and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Let’s take a closer look at DVX.

Staking Reward Structure

A promising reward structure which yields investors constant profits without hyper-inflation!

DVX Specification

Coin Name: DVX

Ticker: DVX

Algorithm: Scrypt

Coin Type: PoS/PoW

Block Time: 2 mins

Max Supply: 1 500 000 000 DVX

Current supply (incl. premine) 1 403 610 DVX

Premine: 700 000 DVX (just 0.047% of the Max. Supply)

Min Stake Age: 6 hours

Max Stake Age: 2 days

PoW-Block rewards

Block 30000 - 37000 - 5 coins

Block 37000 - 50000 - 2 coins

From Block 50000 - 1 coin

PoS-Block rewards

Starting from Block 3700

Blocks ending with "25", "50", "75" - 500%

Blocks ending with "00" - 1000 %

Every other Block - 100%

The roadmap is an exciting timeline for DVX hodlers.

As you can see from the staking structure and block rewards, the DVX team has put some serious thought into the longevity of this coin. The roadmap is vibrant.

That foresight, combined with the strength of the massive Stake United community, means that stakers will be able to hodl knowing that their portfolios are actually growing at a steady and predictable pace with this coin.



Twitter: DVXCoin


If you are familiar with the DV7 community, you know that the their development team was tasked with harnessing the power of a hyper inflating, staking coin. I can tell you all about hyper inflating coins, I have over 100 million Diverse (DVRS) and still staking - hopefully the new DVRS development team can prop up the roadmap. It takes a certain type of ingenuity to structure these coins properly - to manage expectations of hungry community members.

That’s why it’s very easy to see promise with DVX. I mean - just look at the numbers… The DVX team has taken it upon itself to fork DV7 from block 30 000, meaning that if you were holding DV7 at that time, you are already part of the DVX community and can start staking right away!

This initial boost in community members will give DVX the necessary propellant to ensure new stakers find out about this amazing opportunity. Getting in front of this great staking trajectory for early hodlers carries big potential for gains down the line.

If you are holding DVX, definitely share this article with your own social media network so they can also learn about this brimming new coin. Profits can be shared with everyone.


The DVX core team is exploding into the ecosystem with a massive free token giveaway airdrop.


Be part of the Huge DVX Giveaway! We will give away DVX worth a total ~10 000 USD!

You just have to generate your personal giveaway link and spread the word via twitter, facebook or with your personal referral link on Discord.

  1. Just enter your e-mail (You will get an e-mail with your personal referral link and a link to your giveaway point counter)
  2. Spread the word! (Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Discord to collect giveaway points)
  3. Collect points and win 40 DVX!  ($150)

When the Giveaway is done, you will get a mail with furter information and the winners will be displayed on the giveaway page.

Marketing strategies like these is what made Deviant coin such a such stable, and profitable community to be a part of it. DVX looks to be doing the same.


The pre-sale for DVX starts tomorrow, Friday June 8th 2018.

And is available through Evan Chang, of the DVX core team, on their Discord channel - for a limited time only, though.

The strongest contributors will be able to purchase DVX coins for possible X-Masternodes, the only masternodes deployable to the main-net for DVX.

Only these Diamond Angel Contributors will have access to potential X-Masternodes.

With only 700 000 tokens pre-mined, you can see how significant of an opportunity the pre-sale can be for those ambitious earners.

Do you have what it stakes to earn big with DVX?

Find our for yourself!


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*This is a sponsored content post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on the opinions and personal views of the author and should not be considered financial advice for anyone to buy or sell anything. Always conduct your own independent research before making decisions for your portfolio.


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