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Bitcoin (BTC) spiked to a 24-hour high of $7,800, posting a 4.4% gain on Monday, according to WorldMarketCap. The price surge matched an increase in Bitcoin dominance to 46%, up from 36% in May.

Aside from Bitcoin, the top 10 coins by market cap showed only modest increases or slight declines over the past 24 hours.

  1. EOS +.06%
  2. Bitcoin Cash -0.09%
  3. Litecoin -0.36%
  4. Stellar Lumens -0.55%
  5. Ripple -1.20%
  6. Cardano -1.53%
  7. Ethereum -1.95%
  8. Tron -1.96%
  9. IOTA -2.73%

The rally belies advances that are happening in the tech. With the anticipated influx of big money from Wall Street institutional investors, the rally shows investor preference for Bitcoin as a financial instrument and store of value than as a currency that can be used to make global payments or to buy a cup of coffee at the local bistro.

Several cryptocurrencies outperform Bitcoin in terms of speed and transactional fees, including Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. But these technological advancements have not been entirely reflected in the markets.

Bitcoin still dominates because of its ability to compete with gold. As the oldest and most popular blockchain, its first-mover advantage has made it the most valuable crypto asset. Its position as the number one cryptocurrency has yet to be defeated, despite a sizable decrease in dominance since April of 2013, when Bitcoin captured 94.29% of the total cryptocurrency market.


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