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In the business of advertising, trying to force information down the throats of potential customers often turn out to become counterproductive.

Blockchain Startup Aims to Restore the True Value of Advertising

This is because these ads that come off as imposing or intrusive usually end up irritating their audiences rather than appealing to their desires.

We are slowly starting to Lose the essence of advertising.

Advertising in the actual sense is supposed to be a friendly encounter, where potential customers are patiently offered the opportunity to learn about the subject and find reasons why they must buy into the idea or product. Unfortunately, because of the current structure of the advertising ecosystem, the patience of these potential customers are rather stretched and sometimes overwhelmed by overbearing efforts of intermediaries.

Large companies like Google and Facebook that have served as the link between advertisers and their target audiences are rightly blamed for the unhealthy nature of today’s advertising industry. While they attempt to fulfill their contract bargain with advertisers in terms of views, impressions and clicks, they most often do not care about the quality of service and value delivery in terms of conversion rates. This explains why there is hardly any genuine correlation between advertising budgets and value achieved for most companies.

While advertisers complain about the extent of value delivery and the audience decry the harassment experienced, other stakeholders such as the publishers and content creators are sidelined and get almost no reward at all for their efforts. This is as a result of the centralized nature of the industry which sees the middlemen control the market structure and most often the rules as well.

A restoration of advertising values

All that is beginning to change as blockchain technology is providing the opportunity for every participant to have a say, while achieving appropriate rewards for the efforts that they put in.

With the blockchain platform developed by Kind Ads the goal of "making the internet more kind", the erstwhile middlemen in the advertising industry is being completely eliminated. This will lead publishers being compensated fairly and advertisers won't have to pay ridiculous fees. Users will also get a piece of the advertising pie by sharing their data.

This platform will introduce a domain rating score which will protect advertisers and also leverage newer technology such as push notifications or chatbot. Thus, advertising can now be done in a way which isn't as irritating and doesn't ruin the user experience.

While innovations that promise to decentralize the advertising industry may not be new information to many, the unique system that Kind Ads introduces puts into consideration the total convenience that internet users deserve and a likely to embrace. Unlike like the previous products that suggest entirely new browsers, Kind Ads understands how difficult it is to relocate internet users from platforms that they are already very familiar with.

User convenience matters

To address this issue, the project is introducing a compatible token that will work perfectly with the existing browsers, such as chrome and safari.

This emphasizes the ultimate goal of the project as has been mentioned earlier, which is to cut out the middlemen who appear as the root cause of all the problems presently encountered within the ecosystem.

In an industry that thrives on mutual relationship and gentle appeal, it is paramount that enhancing the user experience of potential clients and customers be taken seriously. Therefore, with the implementations by Kind Ads, leveraging on the possibilities surrounding blockchain technology, advertising can now be done in a way which isn't as irritating and doesn't ruin the audience user experience.


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