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Investing - Apr 4, 2018

The team behind every crypto project is of crucial importance as they usually determine the direction and future of the project.

Blockscart: CEO, Additional Marketplace Features, and Roadmap - @blockscart

Research in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is of the utmost importance. It is important to know as much as possible about projects that may be of interest to individuals. Included in this research, is information about the leader of the team for the project of interest.

“The Blockscart team is committed to making Blockscart Marketplace most successful retail experience for the blockchain community and cryptocurrency users” (Blockscart Whitepaper, p.19).

Meet the CEO for the Blockscart team:

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Tim Rainer - CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Tim Rainer is the CEO for Blockscart. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of West of England . For three and a half years, Tim was an advisory broker for Southern Rock and Eldon Insurance Services, based in Gibraltar and Bristol. Following that, he had the role of Chief of Operations Officer, and Head of Marketing for a group of investment companies which work in protecting finance and assets. Tim also Co-Founded an app called Your Benidorm. Your Benidorm is a mobile app for tourists which can be found on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. The Your Benidorm app appears to be highly successful and popular.

Tim is also a Business Development Advisor for Prontapay. According to the article, Prontapay: Invoicing on the Blockchain, “Prontapay is the world’s first Smart Legal Invoice (SLI)™ payment system that will utilize smart contracts & blockchain technology” (, Prontapay: Invoincing on the Blockchain).

Additional Blockscart Marketplace Features:

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Blockscart Exchange -

The Blockscart Marketplace will accept multiple types of cryptocurrencies as payment options. However, there are so many different cryptocurrencies in existence, that this would likely require a way for customers to alternate between currencies if necessary.

To assist in this process, the Blockscart team has “looked at developing a decentralized exchange trading platform which will allow customers and vendors to trade their cryptocurrency to a cryptocurrency that will be accepted on Blockscart Marketplace” (Blockscart Whitepaper, p. 18). For example, lets say vendor A desires to receive Ethereum as payment. Customer A only has Omisego, but desires to buy an item from vendor A. Customer A must convert to Ethereum to make the payment. To do this, Customer A would likely need an exchange to do so. Having a Blockscart decentralized exchange available for these actions would likely be of value to both parties involved.

Decentralized exchanges seem to be on the rise with regards to popularity in the past few months. They offer effective features that could be seen as advantageous in the case of the Blockscart marketplace. To be put simply, decentralized exchanges allow users to make trades with crypto wallets, without having to make an account, sign in, etc. This can often be seen as advantageous for the ability to trade assets from one crypto asset to the next without having to create an account with an exchange, etc.

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Person to Person Offline Payment Gateway -

Blockscart is also looking into the potential option of developing something called BLOCPAY, which is similar to Bitpay, only for Blockscart. This essentially has the opportunity to provide an easier conversion to fiat funds for involved parties.

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It is also always important to consider the roadmap when looking at cryptocurrency projects. The roadmap is a way to see if a project has set achievable goals, and is accomplishing them on time. As per the Blockscart web page (, their roadmap is as follows:

December 2017:

Starting point. The ideas for an entirely crypto-based online marketplace were recorded, and the Blockscart name was decided upon.

January 25, 2018:

Blockscart white paper is listed. (Whitepaper has been updated since its inception as well. More edits of the Whitepaper may follow in accordance with need or lack thereof).

February 10th - March 8th 2018:

Pre-ICO Sale (Investors are able to gain a 50% bonus on BLOC. $0.05 price versus $0.10).

March 9th - April 8th 2018:

Main ICO phase. The goal is to have raised enough funds by April 8th to be able to continue on with the project. Depending on investor interest in the project, if goals are not on track to be met, then the Pre-ICO bonus will be overlapped with the main ICO.

May 20th - June 5th 2018:

Blockscart launch timeframe, pending ICO funding and progress of funding goals. states that they are on track for a launch of Blockscart by May 20th, and that June 5th should be the latest date that the marketplace will be launched.

June 8th 2018:

Expectation to have the BLOC token listed on a least three trading exchanges. This is not including decentralized exchanges such as Etherdelta. However, that will be an option as well.


Blockscart decentralized exchange creation.

As seen above, Blockscart is on track with their roadmap and goals. It is important for projects to hold themselves to their goals and their timeline, as well as do what is best for the project.

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Blockscart looks to provide an E-commerce solution with many features, that has the potential to cater to many. From businesses to individual shoppers. It can be hard to deny that the current system does have its drawbacks. Blockchain has the ability to change many aspects of the current world.

It would be a nice improvement on the current system, to be able to shop online for products and not have to worry about divulging private information in order to make a payment. The current system already offers competitive pricing and lower barrier to entry than the years past. Blockchain seems to have the potential to lower that barrier further and provide even more competitive pricing. Blockscart looks to make considerable strides toward those goals.

*Article written based on my interpretation of the data.


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