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Alt-Coins - Feb 9, 2018

CampusCoin is a new project aiming to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream college networks while educating students and parents alike.

@smithlite86 CampusCoin - Bringing Cryptocurrency to College $CMPCO

From the website:
"Amidst the transition to a digital era, the CampusCoin Project team is taking the forefront in crypto-education. Our goal is to show the world that digital currency is not something to fear, but something that has potential to revolutionize the financial world."

"The CampusCoin Project, through the power of the blockchain, will simplify campus transactions while educating the community about the revolutionary science that is digital currency."

The value of this project lies in the idea and the vision of what it plans on accomplishing. It is not just trying to become the next payment gateway for campuses around the world but wants to train and educate people on how cryptocurrency works and why it is beneficial. It is achieving this by training and electing brand ambassadors to work side by side with students, staff, and local businesses to further understand blockchain technology and it's use cases.

Campus Coin Stats:

Market Cap: $3,426,026 USD
Circulating supply : 334,116,047
Total Supply: 534,116,047
Max Supply : 1,010,000,000
Total Premine: 200,000,000 CMPCO
Proof: Proof-of-Work (PoW)
Genesis Block Date: July 6, 2017, 16:30 EST

200 Million Coins Premined:

50 Million: Airdrop/Community Bounties
25 Million: Campus Ambassador Program
15 Million: CampusCoin ATM Bank
15 Million: Student App Registration
10 Million: Bank for Credit System
The last 85 million will be used for team compensation, as well as other marketing/development opportunities we choose to pursue.

Official channels:
Telegram :


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