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For those who don't already know. Coinsquare is one of Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchanges and is primed to be the leading exchange across the globe. Given recent development surrounding the company's financial future, Coinsquare has steadily established itself as global headquarter for digital asset exchange.

10 Reasons Why Coinsquare will become the global 'Go To' exchange for digital assets across the board in 2018

The best exchange for serious investors into digital assets.

Read below for a better idea of who they are and what they plan to do.






I had awoken the morning of Friday, January 19th, I did not realize what the end of the day would bring. Starting February 5th, 2018 I will be joining the Coinsquare team and help them to continue building their vision of the being the world's #1 cryptocurrency exchange.

I am excited for this opportunity as I am joining a team that sits as the forefront of developments spanning the blockchain world. I will be able to share opinion pieces from live data and hopefully benefit the entire community.

Continue reading, and you will soon come to understand why Coinsquare is primed to be one of the most successful exchanges on the market:

1. Fast verification process (I have seen live examples of being instantly verified and in the worst case 3 days).

2. Secure platform ( Coinsquare stores 98 percent of its assets in cold storage - offline servers to prevent theft).

3. Funding account - Easy deposit and withdrawal structure to be able to trade easily, in fast liquidity.

4. Trading fees - If you are trading in higher volume and large amounts, your fees will be anywhere from 0.1% to 0.4%, a huge pull for new and existing users.

5. Currency versatility - You can deposit any G-10 currency and trade directly with the exchange, to buy any coin, instantly. If you want to transfer in Canadian dollars you can buy altcoins directly, instead of the usual method of purchasing ether and bitcoin, and then buying an alt coin. Less stress on fees and easier to understand. As an added bonus you can even buy commodities like gold and silver.

6. Account Management - For large players who wish to fund $25k or more. There is a wealth division of Coinsquare which I will be working under. In this you will have direct support for trading from an account manager. Think of a situation where you send money to do a trade and an error occurs, many of us would appreciate if we could talk to a person instead of emailing support. It's good to know when you have large skin in the game your money and coins are being protected.

7. Mobility - In this modern age we are moving closer and closer to being digital nomads. Everything is done on your phone and everything is done in real time on the go. Coinsquares app is beautiful and easy to use for trading 365 around the clock.

Never miss a beat in this market.

8. Interface - Take a look at Coinsquare and some other Canadian and US exchanges like QuadrigaCx and Kraken, there is no comparison. Clean, easy to use, easy to understand and full of information. This is a one stop shop for everything crypto.

All of your coins (and FIAT) in one place.

9. Education - There is a section on Coinsquare called discover. This section has all things news related to crypto such as up and coming coins, tutorials on what coins like bitcoin are, and economic and regulatory impacts that the crypto world is creating.

10. Rise of the altcoins - In the article, CEO Cole Diamond hinted that at some point in February Ripple will be added to the exchange. This is huge news!

I have had so many encounters of people trying to buy Ripple and having no access due to exchanges being down for maintenance, slow and extended times for verification, exchanges no longer accepting new users, exchanges not having Ripple as an option or a combination of a few. He also indicated that starting in February on its platform, “will be launching one digital currency per month for the foreseeable future.” This is huge news for the community and that new coins will be liquid to purchase! Currently, Coinsquare supports trading of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Squarecoin.

Coinsquare is eyeing an IPO sometime in September with the use of proceeds going towards a global expansion where they will take on rival Coinbase in the US and other popular exchanges. It's also a huge bonus that Coinsquare is a Canadian born business headquartered in a city that is a global leader in adopting blockchain and using it for the greater good of improving our economy and livelihoods. From Canadian-based Ether, which is arguably the most powerful token in the crypto world, to Canada being a haven for crypto-mining, as both a city and country we are set for success.

Coinsquare is positioned to be a leader in the crypto world and for those who don't have accounts, ensure to sign up and use the referral code I provide and pass along your User ID so you can receive credit. 

Once I join I will likely be getting access to daily newsletters and potentially my own "daily bugle" to share with my clients and the community. I look forward to an exciting year and being able to grow both our knowledge and wealth in this new and evolving sharing economy. If you have interest in signing up I will be posting a referral code as soon as I join. If you have interest in joining the wealth side of the business ($25k +) let me know. Any questions also feel free to contact me directly.


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