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Trading - Jan 18, 2018

Having an education in what you are investing and trading in is so important.

The importantance of being educated on what you are trading

Educational Ideas
What is educational ideas? :)

Educational ideas contain educational material. They are not trade set-ups for a specific symbol at a specific time, instead they discuss how trading methods, analysis approaches or certain tools work. These ideas keep their value and relevance over time. Education is one of our strongest assets and these ideas support that mission nicely. They cover a wide variety of topics such as trading psychology, risk management, best practices on how to use certain tools, trading-related columns or detailed pattern configurations.
Trading can be tough and becoming good at it is not something that will happen quickly. These ideas will be helpful. Browse the whole section or go to specific menu items to find educational material on specific topics. Absorb the knowledge of fellow users from the community, try it out, test it and apply what works for you. It is a great way to grow your understanding of and skills at trading and it will support you to get your trading to the next level.

have great day : Coronelpyotr :)

example how to the ideas system works


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