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Li Shishi became a professional Go player at the age of 12 and is the fifth youngest person to become a professional player in Korea. He is widely regarded as one of the most technically advanced players in the world. As early as 2016, Li Shishi directly confronted Google's artificial intelligence AlphaGo and eventually lost. Five months before the start of the showdown, AlphaGo has successfully defeated the French Go player Fan Wei. Go is known for its high level of sophistication, which makes chess look like a children's game.

Now, two years after he was defeated by AlphaGo, Li Shishi announced that he will work with South Korean blockchain company Blockchain Inc. to develop a blockchain-based Go platform "GoBlock".

Blockchain reward system

Once GoBlock is online, online Go players from China, Japan and South Korea will be able to compete in a global professional league. However, in addition to holding an online professional league, Li Shishi has even greater plans and goals.

Li Shishi tells the details of this blockchain reward system: everyone can benefit from it – from players to league supporters, spectators and advertisers. If you are an amateur - even a beginner, you should be rejoicing because the platform will include amateur leagues and provide training for beginners. The company also hopes to release a record of the Go game in the market.china


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