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Alt-Coins - Feb 9, 2018

Hacken is a new undervalued project aiming to connect white hat hackers and companies together in order to discover security vulnerabilities for their products. They are achieving this by providing a virtual market place for companies and the community to connect and work together.

@smithlite86 HACKEN - Rewarding Hackers through the power of blockchain

From the website:
"Hacken Ecosystem is a community driven business organization created to nourish the connection between blockchain and cybersecurity communities, promote hacker ethics and encourage legitimate research of computer networks and software."

The value of Hacken lies in the Hacken proof platform. This is the bug bounty and penetration tests marketplace that connects the community and clients together. Through the use of this platform clients are able to self manage or appoint team leaders to manage their campaign. With a team of heavy hitters, a wealth of advisers, and new partnerships continually being added, Hacken is a company aiming to take the cybersecurity industry into the blockchain era.

Coin info
Market cap: $18,131,137 USD
Circulating supply: 3,712,278 HKN
Total Supply: 5,600,000 HKN
Ico price: $1
Current price: $4.88

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