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Alt-Coins - Feb 9, 2018

From the website:

"Hoard is a design-driven blockchain-based fintech company that seeks to dramatically improve decentralized financial services and the cryptocurrency experience."

@smithlite86 Hoard is a new company looking to become the cryptocurrency bank we all need and can trust.

Features coming with Hoard:

Decentralized Wallet - Your hub to the Hoard Platform and access to the Smaug Network.

Instant Payments -Send & receive cryptocurrency instantly between peers, merchants, and institutions

Automated Investing - The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to invest in Cryptocurrency

Simplified Trading -A mobile-first exchange to manage trades all while on the move

Powerful Portfolios- One single location to view your balances across platforms

Dedicated Support - Everything you wish you had with those other platforms

The most exciting feature of Hoard is one I have yet to see solved in any of the crypto platforms. The ease of connecting vendors and customers together who operate on different blockchains. This is best described in the whitepaper,

"Merchant Services

As expressed earlier, our goal is to build the necessary infrastructure for merchants to transact instantly and atomically with consumers within the Hoard ecosystem using only cryptocurrency. Consider the premise wherein you hold (X, Y, and Z) coin yet the merchant only accepts (P) coin. Through OAR and the masternodes running validation and adjudication, you can send (pay) the merchant (X+Y+Z) and they will receive it as (P) instantly. It’s a value-matching exchange protocol that aligns your holdings to the value of the pending purchase. Of course, holders can use a single currency (X) to transact but in cases where the value exceeds a singular holding, (X+Y+Z) are stacked to equal the value exchange. The process eliminates multiple pain points in cryptocurrency commerce:"

The idea that no matter what your holdings or which coins you are currently invested they can be used in everyday purchases is a game changer and a huge leap forward for the whole industry. The ICO is coming soon and will be sold out fast!

Coin Stats:
Token symbol- OAR
Max supply - 120 million
Token Allocation - 80 million
Public sale price - $0.46
Soft cap : $3 million
Hard cap: $30 million



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