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The blockchain allows for some of the most creative and innovative avenues of income in history.

That is why this is one of most interesting investing communities I have seen on the blockchain. And of course, being the curious feline that I am, have decided to personally vest in this opportunity.

I mean it's hard not to once you see all of the testimonials. People of all backgrounds are getting paid in bitcoin (BTC) on a regular basis - daily. The testimonial below is probably one of the most genuine reviews I have ever seen.

And it just goes to show you how brave some people in this ecosystem can be.

Thank you for that Lisa (@lisajanealba)

Incredible Bitcoin Payout Testimonial - Invest with Lisa, Cryptocurrency Income Online for Anyone - @lisajanealba


"Hello everyone as I promised to report about my first hand investment experience with Lisa here I am.

Invested amount 0.5 BTC

Promised ROI from Lisa for a month was 100% (1 BTC)

ROI actually offered was 120% (more than what was promised: 1.2 BTC)

Lisa is an interesting character. She is sometimes very emotional but she is very upright with her business. She cares a lot about her image and does not want to be called a scammer (rightfully, no one wants to be called a scammer specially the legit people).

She kept her word, delivered what she promised.

I have had a lot of contact with her. A lot of people write me and ask how does Lisa do it? How long will it work? How is it even possible? These questions I cannot answer you, I am also an investor like you and not her business partner. It is her business model and she has the right to chose which information she choses to share and which not.

As long as she is keeping her word and no one is being scammed I think it is fine.

So the decision everyone should be making is: can I live with this? As long as I get what I am promised.

I got what I was promised, I have contacted many long term investors and found out that they are genuine investors posting legit testimonies.

This is what I have to say. Do not forget the most important rule of any form of investment in my opinion: only invest the spare money nothing more than that!"

1.2 BTC as promised 😊.
Payout screenshot is above.

So after reading that and seeing that this person truly did have to come to grips with whether or not they were scammed.

But they were not.

Being in the actual chat rooms is your best opportunity to see what exactly Lisa is doing for the cryptocurrency community.

Her word is her bond, and ultimately what is keeping her in business.

So if the FOMO is getting to you like so many others, you will have to find the answers for yourself in the chat groups.




+1 631-620-6712

Twitter: @lisajanealba

Instagram @globallisa2

Again I have personally vested 1.0 ETH worth of BTC ($600 USD) and am excited for my payout next month as I have chosen a monthly payout schedule.

But keep in mind that payouts can be paid:

  1. Weekly
  2. Bi-Weekly
  3. Monthly

I'm a long term hodler with all of my coins. This has required that I place much trust in people across the world, that I have never seen before, for my own personal finances and income.

That's why this community is interesting to me.

No contracts - no signatures - just bitcoin - just payouts.
Lisa has her own personal Money Team 😅

It is my pleasure to know that we can still trust each other in this precarious, yet so clearly rewarding, blockchain and cryptocurrency environment.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Lisa and her team continues to grow her following as well as, quite literally, change the lives of the community she has come to cultivate and nurture.

Author: Alex, Founder


*This is a sponsored content post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view and should not be considered financial advice for anyone to buy or sell anything. Always conduct your own independent research before making decisions for your portfolio.


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