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Feb 5, 2018

Goa, India, February 01, 2018:

India's Blockchain Community grows through the courage of its Youth

When the entire country waited with bated breath for the Union Budget 2018, Techie Scoops, with Eighty5technologies Pvt. Ltd. conducted an event titled “Technophilia Crypto Conference” in Goa College of Engineering on the 1st of February, 2018. The conference, aimed at creating awareness about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies which the team firmly believes to be a revolution in world economics, has created quite a buzz across platforms.

The event, scheduled from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Information and Technology auditorium of the institute, featured three keynote speakers, Saurabh Sharma, founder and editor-in-chief of Techiescoops; Saket Joshi, co-founder of Eighty5Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and Jason Fernandes, founder, FUNL from SmartKlock.Inc.

Speaking of the past, present and future of cryptocurrencies, as well as details of Blockchain technology, Techie Scoops, offered the entire package necessary to understand the technology. This was completely in tune with their vision of ensuring awareness of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across the nation.

Addressing the wave of skepticism that has swept chunks of our population over the feasibility and legality of Bitcoin, the team used their technical expertise to showcase the importance of cryptocurrencies and enabled the audience to develop a new perspective, keeping aside the barrage of information available online and focusing more on the grassroots level of understanding.

Techie scoops discussed the major pronouncements related to the Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in the Union Budget 2018, assuring people that holding bitcoin is legal but using them for any illegitimate purpose is an illegal tender which means you cannot transact or buy anything using cryptos.

The Q&A session soon followed with questions about the future of Blockchain Technology and feasibility of investment in cryptos. The team went on to address other questions regarding factors that set the price for cryptocurrencies, the security of your crypto wallet, and the usage of Blockchain Technology for purposes other than cryptos. Having years of experience of working in the field, the panel could answer the queries to the satisfaction of the audience.

After having a successful event in Goa, Techie scoops is all set to have more seminars across the country. They already possess International mentions from Toronto, Canada by the Cryptonicles community and plan to create a community to educate people about Blockchain Technology in collaboration with the Toronto community.


It is a technological website covering tech, gadgets, AI, and it has been quite some time since they have ventured into blockchain and crypto that has already placed them on International radars. Techie scoops team is all set to experiment and innovate in the future. Here's the press release (Official) by Techie scoops.


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