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they stole a quantity of $7 mln stolen from Bithumb...

New Report: North Korean Hackers Stole Funds From South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges...

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they stole a quantity of $7 mln stolen from Bithumb...

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US cybersecurity firm Recorded Future has released a new report linking Lazarus, a North Korean hacking group, to various South Korean cryptocurrency exchange hacking attacks and security breaches.

Motivation of North Korean hackers

Prior to the release of Recorded Future’s report, several other cybersecurity firms had accused North Korean hacking groups of targeting South Korean cryptocurrency trading platforms with sophisticated malware and phishing attack tools.

Researchers at FireEye linked six targeted cyber attacks against South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges to state-financed hackers based in North Korea. Most recently, police investigators and the Korea Internet and Security Agency initiated a full investigation into a security breach that led to the bankruptcy of YouBit, a South Korean cryptocurrency trading platform.

At the time, local investigators stated that they have found evidence to link the YouBit security breach to North Korean hackers. FireEye senior analyst Luke McNamara also told bloomberg that similar tools widely utilized by North Korean hackers were employed in the YouBit hacking attack.

“This an adversary that we have been watching become increasingly capable and also brazen in terms of the targets that they are willing to go after. This is really just one prong in a larger strategy that they seem to be employing since at least 2016, where they have been using capability that has been primarily used for espionage to actually steal funds.”

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