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Just to give you a small idea what our project is:

Our CHAR Crypto Project - A blockchain Charity from the Netherlands

We are CHAR and CHAR is the charity coin for the community. We still researching what kind of Blockchain technology we are going to use.

We are four people from The Netherlands that did not know each other seven days ago. we started 11 January 2018 and in 7 days we have a domain name, social media (Twitter and Facebook) accounts, working hard to do our research and we have nine goals to achieve before March

We're new in the Blockchain and Crypto world, but we believe that we will succeed as we continue to achieve our goals and work hard for it.

Right now we have contact with a team from Denmark, and they are out of the box ("crazy" and creative people), who want to work with us to bring this baby alive.

In the upcoming three months, we will create our roadmap, researching the Whitepaper and Blockchain Technology (ERC 20 ETH Blockchain is looking promising), researching how to creating cashflow by starting a tokensale. And of course we need many new team members.

We all do this for free, but of course with our goals in mind that CHAR will be a success.

We need many skilled programmers (not only code programmers) and for the upcoming period, we need many technical programmers (software engineers) that will do the job for researching the technical documentation conform UML (Unified Modeling Language). Our CTO lead this project.

This is a small review about our project. Here is the link the website;

If you want to know more about who we are, feel free to contact us.

Greetings Charlie Alberti -



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