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Hi everyone..

I feel like I'm the luckiest man on the earth, about being the unluckiest man...Let me tell you how!

Words from a Crypto Loser - Looking for Hope!

Dreaming of the moon....

I was born as two art teachers first son. Because of their profession, they never took any risks about earning more, they tried to live with their salary.

And this behavior inherited to me. I became an electrical and electronics engineer and employed as an engineer at a big company and get a fair salary and never tried to earn more. Until I get married and had a beautiful baby girl.

Then I decided to have some risk to earn more and prepare better future for that angel and her mom.

She is 2.5 years old. I invested USD (I live in Turkey, so it is an investment buying USD with TRY) and I lost.

I bought some gold, and price dropped.

Anyway, I tried my best but , I got nothing but loosing some money. Then I heard about cryptocurrencies, 1.5 half months ago.

I decided to try....Which I shouldn't!!s

I get good profit for my fisrt 100 USD, I added 100 USD more and kept getting profit surprisingly, I was good at choosing coins to invest..Or I was just lucky.

Surely I was using my newbie luck and I wasted it.

So let me write what I learned.

1- Don't put a money that would keep you from your sleeps into risky investments.

2- Never, ever and never sell, any coin coz it goes down %5 it probably will go up and when you check it again you will be sorry for yourselve

3- Do not HODL if it keeps going down by 30% and staying at that low level for 2 days, If you have debt to be paid by these cryptocoins.

3- Never ever and never buy any coin went up %45 for last 1 hour , coz it is just pumped by the fisherman, and they will take your money and give you bye bye kiss.

4- If you some how get profit buy %30 from a coin, SELL IT. and Stay at USD or BTC until your Adrenalin comes to normal level, because most probably you wont't be lucky with your next choice.

Conclusion..If you are a bad investor for all your life, Cryptocurrency is not your lifejacket. Be AWARE.

I lost 2000USDs which became important to me after loosing my job recently.

If you had fun reading my bad English and my unlucky experiences.

I'm planning to write more, If you guys support me :)

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XRP TAG: 107554113 (IMPORTANT do not forget to add this to related field, I've done once and lost 50 xrp)


ETH WALLET: 0x7f1fd221b757c2d7c35e35d7e3c9c7180d41570e

Thanks in advance.


Keep me writing and my angels happy.


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