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Alt-Coins - Mar 26, 2018

The CampusCoin-branded debit cards and merchant terminals are available right now, at no cost, at

CampusCoin ($CMPCO) Announces a Game-Changing Partnership with Coin, Ltd., and the Issuance of CampusCoin Debit Cards and Merchant Terminals Operating on the CPN Network.

USA (March 26, 2018) - CAMPUSCOIN, the developer of the CampusCoin ($CMPCO) cryptocurrency, the “Cryptocurrency For Students,” announces that effective March 7, 2018 they have executed an exclusive, two-year partnership agreement with COIN, LTD., the New York, New York financial innovator behind the Cryptocurrency Payment Network™ (“CPN”).

Effective today, CampusCoin holders can receive a CampusCoin debit card at no charge, which functions as a secure CampusCoin wallet, and which may be used at all merchants accepting the CPN.

Merchants, too, can request and receive a free merchant terminal, which permits use of CPN-enabled cryptocurrency cards. The CPN-enabled merchant terminal instantly and seamlessly converts the consumer’s CampusCoin into US Dollars and locks in the exchange rate, guaranteeing the merchant a fixed US Dollar sum.

The CampusCoin debit card is gifted to you, there are no annual, monthly, maintenance or transaction fees, with all transactions on the network occurring at the spot market price fixed by The merchant likewise pays no annual, monthly or maintenance fees, and only a small fee for each transaction processed through the network.

It couldn’t be simpler to spend your CampusCoin.

What’s more, as part of a limited-time offer funded by the CampusCoin development team, every student registering with a .edu email address, will be allocated 100 CampusCoin to their debit card. (Limited Offer).

Matthew Leonard, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CampusCoin stated:

“As the first official recipient of the CampusCoin debit card, I am pleased to say that the introduction of our new debit card brings a convenient, simple and ‘ready now’ solution to our thousands of CampusCoin wallets. The significance of this crucial development in our roadmap cannot be overstated. The debit cards being issued today are the realization of a lengthy development process for both the CampusCoin, and Coin teams. To keep it simple, the cards are being distributed at no charge to all applicants in the United States, 18 years of age or older. We will be working at the highest level, adding merchants to the network, with our 100 plus US Ambassadors leading the way. In addition, we will be adjusting Ambassador compensation, so that they can participate in this program on a more lucrative level. We will also be working as quickly as possible to add support for the CampusCoin debit card in more locations around the globe, and expect to be communicating the results of these initiatives in the coming days.”

Jeff Manuel, Chief Executive Officer of Coin, Ltd. added:

“Our partnership with CampusCoin is a truly significant event – together we introduce the world’s first, dedicated Cryptocurrency Payment Network. The CPN does not rely on existing payment providers such as Visa or Mastercard. It bypasses them completely. And in doing so, the consumer is given more choices, more convenience, and lower fees. We bring real-world-use to cryptocurrencies, right now, creating incentive to hold and use cryptocurrencies instead of simply trading them. Our two-year partnership with CampusCoin is a fortunate win-win deal. CampusCoin is one of the only ‘location specific’ cryptocurrencies, that is, it was designed as a cryptocurrency for college students. This allows Coin to roll out with a targeted introduction of our CPN terminals, on and around college campuses, keeping our deployment costs in line with funding goals. It was a pleasure working with the dedicated team provided by CampusCoin to realize the exciting deployment of our network today.”


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