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Open Source, Anonymous, Decentralized, Instant payments with InstantX Technology that provides instant transactions and low fees. Today I want to talk about Beetle Coin.

With Beetle coin, users are allowed to mine via POW and get rewarded with
coins. The creation of Beetle coin is conducted via organic growth, and distributed among users. With Beetle coin, all users have an equal chance no matter where they are. In addition, Beetle coin allows for smooth conversion into Bitcoin through the exchanges it is currently traded on, thus making it easier for users to cash out should they desire to. On average, a Beetle coin block network requires 2 minutes to generate a new block. Beetle coin offers the users both POS and POW giving users and investors in Beetle coin greater flexibility and provides them with far better diversity to earn more.

Beetle coin is unique because it incorporates the features of POW, POS, and
possess masternode. To qualify for masternode in Beetle coin, investors need to buy 50,000 Beet and set it aside as collateral. A masternode has 75% Masternode block reward. It also has a 25% reward for the ordinary Proof of Stake.
By giving people the power to protect and shape the coin, Beetle coin Masternodes guarantees the coin’s future, profitability, and stability.

What is a masternode? A Masternode is a server on a decentralized network which requires a sizable investment to run. Some of the unique functions of a masternode include instant transactions, increasing transaction privacy, participating in governance and voting. The masternodes are always communicating with other such nodes to make a decentralized network.

The Max Supply of Beetle Coin is 500,000,000 with a 3.2% Premine.

Beetle Coin has a solid Road Map with lots of goals including, E-Commerce Marketplace, Android and IOS Apps, Integration with payment gateway, FAUCET, Coinmarketcap Listing, Exchange listings, and More.

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