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Investing - Apr 28, 2018

The world of cryptocurrency, in general, has attracted some of the smartest minds, and some of the most visionary individuals.

Qompass - The team behind innovation and important upcoming events - @QompassMarkets

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Still being in its early stages, the blockchain space is an incredibly unique opportunity. It can be argued that the barrier to entry for individuals in the space is still easier than the traditional business world, and the opportunities are plentiful. This has paved the way for many talented individuals to have the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

This can definitely be an exciting time for people involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, as well as possibly the rest of the public, which may see the benefits of cryptocurrency in the years ahead. The team behind every project is of crucial importance, as they largely determine the outcome of their specified project. Lets meet the team behind Qompass.


Emmanuel Lim (CEO) -

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The Qompass white paper states that Emmanuel has thirty years of experience in the area of data encryption and cryptography. He also has experience working for cyber security systems for some of the top banks in the world. (Cyber security can be seen as a crucial aspect of importance when regarding cryptocurrency involvement).

Emmanuel’s Linkedin profile also shows a further look into his experience. He has earned a master’s degree in computer science from the Singapore Institute of Technology, and worked for almost ten years at the Standard Chartered Bank in the area of cyber security. Emmanuel states that he finds problem solving rewarding, and loves to impact the people around him.

Selena Neskovic (CFO) -

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Selena has worked in the area of banking and investment, with five years experience “working for a major financial firm” (Qompass whitepaper, p. 38). Selena also has experience with high frequency trading and artificial intelligence with regards to its use in financial markets. (Above information from Qompass whitepaper, p. 38).

In addition, Selena earned her master’s degree in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF). She also worked for almost seven years as a financial analyst for the Zurich Cantonal Bank in Switzerland. (Above information from

Vladimir Okhrimenko (CTO) -

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According to the Qompass whitepaper, Vladimir is the lead developer behind Qompass. He has experience in blockchain, security systems, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence… all of which can be argued as very important with regards to the development and success of the Qompass project.

Daniel Okesson (Lead Developer) -

Daniel has experience in information technology, cryptography, systems design, and blochain/smartcontract expertise. (Qompass Whitepaper, p 38).

In addition, Daniel has a master’s degree in mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), as well as working almost eight years as an information Technology Specialist at TDC Solutions. (Above information from

Ad Alez (Front End Developer) -

Ad is the front end developer for the Qompass project (Qompass Whitepaper, p. 38).

Julia Smith (High Frequency Trading Systems and Applications Designer) -

Julia has “[w]orked on banking software development for Wall Street firms - Systems and Tech Advisor, Artificial intelligence, Neural networks. High Frequency Trading systems and applications Designer” (Qompass Whitepaper, p. 38).

Daniel Tealdo (Business Development) -

According to the Qompass white paper, Daniel is a venture capital investor. This experience could be helpful in business development for the Qompass project.

Sandeep Roy (Graphics Designer and Frontend Developer) -

Sandeep is the “graphics designer and frontend developer” for the Qompass project (Qompass Whitepaper, p. 39).

Yichi Zang (Backend Developer) -

Yichi is the “[a]uditing and database applications developer - backend developer” (Qompass Whitepaper, p. 39).

Hossain Anowar (Lead Developer) -

Hossain is a “[b]lockchain expert, Artificial intelligence and Neuralnetworks - Lead Developer” (Qompass Whitepaper, p. 39).

Christina Young (Lead Developer) -

Christina is the lead developer with regards to “Software, Api system development and integration” (Qompass Whitepaper, p. 39).

Upcoming Events of Importance for Qompass:

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The roadmap for every project can also be seen to be of significant importance. It helps give the public an idea of events to come, as well as gives the team a guideline and timeline of events that should be completed according to the dates set forth by the project. The Qompass project looks to accomplish a lot in the coming months.

Qompass Genesis was in 2017. 2018 and 2019 events and goals are as follows -

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“Q1 2018:

- QPS Tokens Pre-Sale

- QPS ICO Sale

- Distribution of ERC20 QPSE Tokens

- Listing Of QPSE On Exchanges

Q3 2018:

- Launch of Qompass Main Net

- Windows, Mac, Linux Wallets/Clients

- Android, IOS Wallets

- Qompass(QPS) Tokens Release

- Token Swap (QPSE to QPS) Starts

- Listing of QPS Tokens on Exchanges (Kucoin, Finance, Hitbtc)

Q4 2018:

- API for DAPPS, Blockchain Design Framework, Smart Contracts Templates (Drag & Drop)

- Qompass Trader

- Qompass Liquidity Stream and Gateway

- Launch of Strategic Partner Programs

- Launch of Managed Crypto Investment Program (Minimum QPS price on internal exchange - $15)

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Q1 2019:

- Qompass Payment Cards/Hardware Wallets

- Qompass Banking Network

- Qompass Liquidity API (Traditional Exchanges)

- Global Marketing Campaign

Q2 2019:

- 100% Bonus Payment to Pre-ICO and ICO Subscribers

- Launching of Qompass Terminal: A Crypto Financial News, Data, Analysis Terminal (Subscription Only) (Minimum QPS Price on Internal Exchange - $35)

Q3 2019:

- Launch of Crypto Fund Incubator Program”

(Above roadmap quoted from Qompass whitepaper, p. 37).

It can be seen that the Qompass project aims to accomplish a lot in the coming months. The cryptocurrency space is constantly changing at a rapid pace, and the Qompass team appears to be looking to stay ahead of the space with regards to innovation and improvement on what is already available to traders/investors/customers.

*Article written based on my interpretation of the data.


Qompass Whitepaper

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