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I love the blockchain because it provides so many opportunities for ordinary people to change their lives through technology and financial instruments that the world has never seen before. But there is a dark side to the blockchain ecosystem that has taken hold of some, and made victims of many others. The ‘Micheal Trading and Investors’ Telegram Group is robbing people, quite literally, of their hard earned Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This is a warning to everyone.

SCAM ALERT: ‘Micheal Trading and Investors’ Have you lost bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in this chat group?

I diligently monitor the communities I am a part of because it gives me an strong idea of market sentiment and overall ‘health’ of the cryptocurrency environment.

The sentiment of those who have invested with Micheal.

But it has come to my attention that one of my beloved communities, Global Coin, has been infected by a malicious individual pretending to be something he is not - his name is Micheal. I have noticed many people in the Global Coin Telegram Chat joining Global Coin because they were victimized, and are crying out for help, while looking for a real platform to invest in. This individual, known as Micheal, has been pretending to run a Bitcoin investment operation that is similar to Global Coin, but is far from real, and extremely dangerous for those who are unaware.

Global Coin provides consistent payouts to its investors in a timely manner, and if there are any hang ups, they are resolved quickly and effectively by the community leader, Lisa. She has helped hundreds of people pay bills, pay for university educations, some have even purchased cars. Lisa has helped me see a side of the blockchain that I was skeptical of at first - I trust no one out here.

In this digital jungle, trust is the pinnacle of value, and is what allows you to survive the precariousness of our digital economy. Lisa has shown me that you CAN trust people in crypto, and that your trust can be rewarded tremendously.

But Micheal’s impersonation of this value, of this trust, is betraying people like none other. He is syphoning tens of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency from unsuspecting investors. He is without honour, and is at most, a coward on the blockchain.

And if there is one thing I truly despise in this world - it is the cowardly.

Here are some screenshots of people, in his deteriorating community, that are expressing their concern about their lost coin. I only hope that luck finds them along their journey, because it is very likely that Micheal has spent their coin, and that they will never see their investments again.

Micheal Telegram Chat Link:

I can only do so much to warn people of this digital scum known as Micheal. I always advise people to DYOR (do your own research) so it is my hope that in their research for possible bitcoin investments, they come across this article, and are forewarned of possible loss from investing with Micheal.

I can also, however, direct those still seeking strong returns on their investments, to Global Coin, so that they can expect real returns on their hard earned investments.

But more importantly, it looks like Global Coin is actually trying to help those that were scammed/robbed by Micheal directly.

Global coin notifying investors who have lost coins to Micheal.
New opportunity to recover funds with Global Coin.

This is the other side of the blockchain that I truly love, the 'light' side, the side that wants to see people have more, do better, and propel each other into a prosperous future.

So if you have been scammed/robbed by Michael, I would advise you join the Global Coin Telegram Chat and see the difference in how happy community members are. And how REAL the returns on investments are. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to recover some funds that Michael has stolen from you through this opportunity only available victims of this scam artist. Be sure to have your proof ready for Global Coin so they can treat you accordingly. And if you appreciate any of what I’ve written above, you can use my referral link to sign up - always appreciated:

With that I will leave you with two quotes from some of the greatest philosophers of our time.

“The greatest way to live with honour in this world is to BE what we pretend to be.” - Socrates, Essential Thinkers
“Honour, until the end.” - Optimus Prime, Age of Extinction
Even through extreme uncertainty, Optimus maintains his honor. That is what is means to be 'Prime'.

I hope these words have shed some ‘light’ on this very dark situation, and that we can come together to learn more, and earn more, on the blockchain.

Until next time.

Alex, Founder


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