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Chatter - Jan 17, 2018

today i talk about future conflict!

End of Internet? Crypto Soldiers are HODLING on

hi everyone, my name is Badr and im 23 years, from Spain :)
today i talk about future confilct!
  • from my opinion on what is happening with the bitcoin, as they continue to push the coin, the hackers of all the worlds are going to declare war against the governments and the bankos, and there will be a massive war on the internet, where the internet will not work correctly nor telecommunications, there will be fallen networks and massive atacks everywhere, ATMs will not work, etc ... , what you think about that? i want to learn your ideas :)

  • by assumption we all know that now the whole world wants or tries to regulate the cryptocurrency, but most people do not like that, since the banks have not created the cryptocurrency to put their dirty laws on it

  • Many people are entering panic and sell the cryptocurrencies, have eliminated all visa cards and press more and more and more, that is what the banks want, but we have the power and the voice to say here! We are not going to let you bother us every time we try to make money!!

Resist soldiers, let's win this war no matter what the cost! great greeting from your friend @coronelpyotr

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