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Grab your ship, claim your planet and shape the universe to your will.

Space Cowboys suit up in this new blockchain game CryptoSpaceX

CryptospaceX takes place in a universe called Fabula

An open 3D space world to explore, Battleships to crush your opponents, resources to add to your arsenal welcome to the world of CryptoSpaceX. A new Blockchain project has hit the scene, CryptoSpaceX which sets out to be a fusion between a Space Strategy Battle game and a Collectable game built on the Blockchain.

So I would say off the bat that I believe CryptoSpaceX to be quite an ambitious and exciting game. There are a lot of elements and modes of gameplay they are trying to incorporate. Note that the team plans to release the game over the span of 3 episodes. The first one being released June 2018. The information I have managed to gather is from some chat with the dev team and their home page.

This is was cooler than a crypto kitty

CryptospaceX takes place in a universe called Fabula. The game is setting itself up to have some deep lore which for this writer is something I look for in games. Take a look at this description of Fabula:

“It is a period of grave danger. The Evil forces, striking from a hidden base, have attacked the rebel army base and destroyed all their battleships. During the battle, most rebel forces managed to flee. However left with no weapons to fight with, there seems to be no hope of victory for the Rebellion leaders. Dedicated to defeat the Evil forces, a young Rebellion leader, Jean sets aboard his Star Cruiser to finally solve the mystery of the lost galaxy of Fabula....

Several legends have been written about the mystical Fabula. Some say it can only be visited in the dreams, while some claim that it is so dark that nobody can ever see or find it. Guided by his master's words, one day Jean discovered a strange source of light and he followed it. The light got brighter and brighter and suddenly he saw a strange new planet. Jean spent several years on the planet and documented everything he could about the strange planet and the mystical galaxy.”

In CryptospaceX the user will be able to do a multitude of activities from PvP with your battleships, mini games that can even be created by the community in game, a casino and space exploration. A seamless universe with player interactions, fun arenas to play several mini-games and awesome space combats.

Once you have discovered a planet on CryptospaceX you will be allowed to Discover set up your defense base on your newly owned planet. Every player apparently must own at least one planet to be able to play the main game. The Dev team have the following notes regarding Planets:

-Unique and Customisable Defence Combinations

-Multiple Nearby Stars

-Distance and Size control Stardust exposure

-Upgradeable Planets and Defences

-Planet vs Planet battles

-ERC721 tokens

In the vast and complex world of fabula power is king! As a Resistance leader your main objected should be the collecting and building of a large fleet of starships for the upcoming battle!

Of course with any galaxy there will be stars, which also serve a purpose in this game. The Stars in Fabula emit Stardust. So Planet owners must buy stardust from star owners. In Fabula, Stardust is the only resource and it can be used to build anything from starships to new upgrades—So you are going to want to ensure you can acquire as many stars as possible. Or team up with people who only have stars and maybe no planet. The opportunities are endless to strategize.

There are plans in the future as well for tournaments where the best and brightest starships will battle for huge stardust prizes. Lets say battling isn't your thing well then you can also compete in races if battleing is not your thing. Play in matches weekly to get onto the leaderboard! CryptospaceX is giving alot of players options to join the game.

Now you might be thinking what if i don't have a planet or a star? Well you can mosey on down to the Vegastar which is where you will have some mini games to compete in for stardust. A casino where you can test your hand at some cheap and easy stardust. Or play a hand of Cardniville the in game card game!

As you can see CryptoSpaceX is ambitious in what it what's to accomplish. But you have to admit to the development team who are managing expectations reasonably by releasing the game in 3 episodes. This will allow players to get an early taste of what could be a very intriguing concept. If this is executed well it could be like a World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Civilization 5, EVE online all rolled into one!


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