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It goes without saying that the blockchain gaming space is one of the most highly anticipated areas of cryptocurrency for a few reasons.

Top 5 Best Upcoming Video Games on the Blockchain 2018: Your career playing for cryptocurrency?

After already having experienced decades of in-game currency from household names like World of Warcraft, Pokemon, and Grand Theft Auto, the idea of actually earning real tokens, with an actual value ,is going to have millions of gamers on the edge of their seats looking to pay the bills with all of those homegrown skills.

Me carefully arranging my bags before a raid in World of Warcraft.

We have now come to a point in time where you might actually be compensated for that that 10-15 hours you would put in preparing for that extremely difficult raid boss or grinding countless amounts of death matches for upgraded weapons in the armoury.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is solving the big problem of duplicate transactions for a digital currency, and the millions of online gamers who hoard millions of gold, silver, and copper, online, will be able to game for far more.

So let’s take a look at 5 upcoming blockchain games that will not only be turning heads upon launch, but will also provide an avenue of income for veteran and novice gamers alike.

1. World of Ether: Collect and Battle Legendary Monsters on the Ethereum Blockchain

This is was the first game I saw that actually triggered me to write this article. The more I explored World of Ether, the more I realized how far the blockchain has actually come.

This is where we begin. The World of Ether (WoE) provides us with an environment where we can collect, breed, and battle monsters on the ethereum blockchain.

WoE allows you to purchase eggs using Ether, and once hatched, the monster is stored inside of a contract on the WoE platform.

With this monster, or contract, you can then battle other monster breeders, breed other monsters, or even sell your monster on the marketplace.

Sort of like a gladiator arena for blockchain Pokemon, but these monsters are worth some decent crypto!

One Cryptonicles community member has already written about their egg purchase on the hub:

A market of monsters!

There are 200 monsters in the ecosystem right now. But because developers look like they want to let the decentralized blockchain game grow organically. you may breed entirely new monsters which are then added to the entire game. When you do breed one of these extremely rare new monsters, you literally let the entire ecosystem of WoE gamers know as your name will show up on everyone's screen to notify them your monster breeding dominance.

Some monsters are pretty wild though. Coming from 5 different types: Sun, Ocean, Life, Death, Astral, expect to see an unending variety of battle born beasts to keep players engaged endlessly.

This guy’s name is Discord. He’ll probably be worth a few ETH in my opinion. With a special ability known to veteran gamers, 'deathtouch' is sure to be valuable. But hell, cryptokitties have hit 5 figures, who knows how much these blockchain battlers will be worth.




2. Age of Rust: A Blockchain Adventure Game Powered by SpacePirate

While still under development, there is big anticipation for this blockchain adventure game by SpacePirate.

You may be familiar with other adventure games rewarding upgraded items and difficult achievements. This game rewards strategists and the battle hardy with cold hard cryptocurrency.

A dystopian mechanical future filled with murderous privateers, bounty hunters, and rogue mechs, we are getting a glimpse of singularity gone wrong as robots point the gun at humanity as our technological advancements begin to, quite literally, rust away.

A mixture of mind bending puzzles will have players exploring abandoned spacecrafts, mines, military bases, out of reach space stations, all in an effort to unravel the story for players, while rewarding them with crypto along the journey. Like you can actually FIND Bitcoin (BTC) in the game. Wow - the PvP for bitcoin loot is going to be absolutely amazing.

Age of Rust will be a multiplayer, roleplaying, adventure game that offers players the choice for battling other players and enemies in PvP and PvE or tackling more intellectual pursuits like puzzles that can be solved by yourself or in groups.

Rustchain cards are one of the biggest features of the game. These cards determine both your character and adventure storyline. The cards are used in game to grant special items and abilities to players. It seems like Rustchain cards would be the most sought after item as they are also required to complete puzzles and unlock more game content. There will be an in game marketplace for these cards, allowing players to buy and sell them with cryptocurrency.

If I were to think of a game to relate this to, I would say World of Warcraft meets Terminator - that’s probably the best way I could describe it (in case you hadn’t noticed I’m an ex wow player 😂) . Overall it is definitely a high intensity adventure to watch out for.




3. CryptoBarons: A medieval MMORPG powered by blockchain technology and ruled by barons!

CryptoBarons is going to be for the builders and sim lovers. Stages in the era of Barons as predicted by Sir Edmond Halbert, the aim of every baron is to gather enough collectibles in the form of land, wood, food, works, and land soldiers.

There will also be an exchange market that will allow you access to goods for whatever your challenge may be at the time. Disasters, war, and famine not withstanding.

If you like planning, resource mining, trades, strategy, warfare and the glory of earning cryptocurrency while dominating, CryptoBarons will probably be taking up a chunk of your life.

Here are some quick shots and video of the game.

Buy plots of land with tokens on the ethereum (ERC-20) blockchain. A marketplace for resources - all kinds. How good of a commodity trader are you really?

Your civilians need to be well looked after in order for you to maintain peace and order in your kingdom. Of course, there is one currency that looks after all of your needs in this land.

Use the Baron Coins Faucet to gain access to BRC. “The Baron Coins (BRC) have now become a generally acceptable means of payment in Albigon and the value never ceased to rise.”

Well that sounds like good news. Inflation be gone! Expect those who enjoy passive income in the form of a fun and challenging medieval interface to be spending countless hours becoming a CryptoBaron.




4. Heroes of Ethereum: Equipment upgrades and battle system in future updates.

Heroes of Ethereum is for the RPG lovers. A decentralized fantasy RPG built on smart contracts, this game’s visual design is nothing to scoff at. Funny adventures with knights, shamans, and chieftains will lead you to untold wealth fit for royalty!

The cool thing about Heroes of Ethereum is that all in-game objects, including characters, are ERC-721 tokens. All characters are composed of 11 different elements with 256 variations per element.

This leaves more than enough permutations and combinations for users to choose and trade in.

Characters are come with unique attribute values in all of Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, and Intellect. There are only warriors in the game at the moment, but expect more classes to be added as developers churn out code for this RPG blockchain world.

In June, the next part of the game system will be released. This includes equipment such as: sword, axes, bows, and amor that are all unique tokens that can be traded.

Tavern, the marketplace for Heroes of Ethereum cryptocollectibles. Players will be able to buy and sell their heroes using the safety of blockchain technology.

Heroes of Ethereum developers have drawn inspiration from popular games such as Dungeons & Dragon and Pathfinder. As these tabletop characters developed, so did gameplay experience for adventurers.

With that being said, developers hope to see gameplay implementation as the third stage, after equipment, where players can explore dungeons, discover lore of ancient people and legends, and battle each other for crypto dominance.




5. Let’s Hunt Monsters: Pokemon Go meets CryptoKitties on the blockchain - Made in China

The love of adorable digital creatures in China has finally evolved onto the blockchain in the form of Let’s Hunt Monsters.

A mobile game for the cryptocurrency enthusiast who secretly hides their adventure gamers addiction. Don’t lie, you walk the extra 20 yards for poke balls too…

Taking the overarching theme of Pokemon Go’s real time exploration, and CryptoKitties theme of loveable furballs, this game takes ‘collecting’ to another level. Try earning instead.

Users can explore their own neighbourhood and catch hundreds of virtual monsters using augmented-reality (AR) technology. These monsters can then be stored and exchanged on a blockchain.

In this case catching them all would do your wallet A LOT of good. Perhaps North America will be lucky enough to see an English translation at some point. Let’s see how well it performs in China.




Will there be careers in playing video games for cryptocurrency?

Right now it looks like the landscape for earning cryptocurrency through blockchain based games has huge potential. But of course it always comes down to mass-adoption and community sizes of these games that will ultimately determine their successes.

Who knows, in a World of Ether where there are hundreds of thousands of players breeding legendary monsters daily, we could see a place where users could find means of staying safely within their fantasy’s all day, all while enjoying the comfort of earning a living from their home.

1 in millions of gamers actually earn a living on conventional platforms.

You won’t have to be one of these guys to earn money by gaming. Only time will tell on the blockchain!

Stay frosty.

Alex, Founder


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