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The blockchain ecosystem is a very complex and ever-changing space. What sort of indicators can we use to gauge its health aside from the price of coins and overall market capitalization?

Top 51 Cryptocurrency Blogs and Blockchain Websites, Ranked by Twitter Following & User Traffic - June 2018

Thanos would be the equivalent of Coinmarketcap if he were a crypto website. He's powerful!

For starters, in this digital currency world, digital media is a major lifeline. So much so where it is safe to say that the ecosystem’s ‘reach’ would be indicative of it’s potential market size and strength.

Although I am not pointing to any direct correlation (however uncanny it may be), it is interesting to observe my social media and traffic analytics move upwards and downwards alongside the price of bitcoin.

Also, it has become very apparent that ICO marketing strategies and ‘Hype Scores’ have become defining metrics of crowdfunding campaigns for new tokens.

Another reason leading me to believe that it is our overall activity online, specifically social, that propels the blockchain.
Blockchain world.

So I decided to take a look at the rest of the blogs online to see where we all stand together in this crusade towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Note that many blogs are new, coinciding with the infancy of the ecosystem, and so more data needs to be collected before they can be properly ranked in terms of site traffic. Cryptonicles is only 5 months old at the time of this writing, for example. Give us some time, we’ll get there.

Also, if I’ve missed anything in the top 51, my apologies in advance. Just email me and I’ll fix it.

For rankings, in regards to website traffic volume, the margin of error, at lower ranks is greater, as well as constantly changing as blog owners figure out the best way to share their stories.

In other words, rankings are more clear cut towards the top.
Deadpool likes Twitter also.

This makes Twitter an additional important indicator of blog and community strength, the loudspeaker microphone of the crypto world serves as a pulse of the blockchain. Some blogs may have just started, but may also be very active on Twitter, thats how we wedged in with Cryptonicles, thanks for levelling the playing field Jack.

I’ve also included links to available contact information for each site just in case you wanted to reach out to them yourself.

I will try to come back to this piece and update it when I can. Or perhaps do a top 101 six months from now to see how things have changed.

But for now, these are the top 51 cryptocurrency and blockchain blogs/websites, ranked by Twitter following and user traffic in June of 2018.

Consider sharing this page to your network to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain to the rest of the world.

We can all help the entire ecosystem grow.


Alex, Founder


Top 51 Cryptocurrency Blogs and Blockchain Websites Ranked by TWITTER FOLLOWING

1. COINDESK Twitter Following: 723 Thousand Followers

Username: coindesk

2. BITCOINMAGAZINE Twitter Following: 496 Thousand Followers

Username: bitcoinmagazine

3. COINMARKETCAP Twitter Following: 433 Thousand Followers

Username: coinmarketcap
CMC has quite a few followers for a pricing database 😄.

4. COINTELEGRAPH Twitter Following: 389 Thousand Followers

Username: cointelegraph

5. NEWS.BITCOIN Twitter Following: 311 Thousand Followers

Username: BTCTN

6. CCN Twitter Following: 175 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptocoinnews

7. BITCOINGARDEN Twitter Following: 111 Thousand Followers

Username: bitcoingarden

8. ALTCOINTODAY Twitter Following: 84.9 Thousand Followers

Username: altcointoday

9. THEBITCOINEWS Twitter Following: 78.8 Thousand Followers

Username: thebitcoinnews

10. BITCOINIST Twitter Following: 40.9 Thousand Followers

Username: bitcoinist

11. NEWSBTC Twitter Following: 38.5 Thousand Followers

Username: newsbtc

12. CRYPTOCOINUPDATES Twitter Following: 37.2 Thousand Followers

Username: coinupdates

13. THEMERKLE Twitter Following: 36.8 Thousand Followers

Username: themerklenews

14. WHATBITCOINDID Twitter Following: 31.7 Thousand Followers

Username: whatbitcoindid

15. BRAVENEWCOIN Twitter Following: 30.5 Thousand Followers

Username: bravenewcoin

16. LETSTALKBITCOIN Twitter Following: 26 Thousand Followers

Username: theLTBnetwork

17. BTCMANAGER Twitter Following: 25.1 Thousand Followers

Username: btc_manager

18. COIN-TURK Twitter Following: 17.2 Thousand Followers

Username: cointr

19. INSIDEBITCOINS Twitter Following: 14.6 Thousand Followers

Username: insidebitcoins

20. ABRA Twitter Following: 14.5 Thousand Followers

Username: abraglobal

21. 99BITCOINS Twitter Following: 14.4 Thousand Followers

Username: 99bitcoinsHQ

22. ETHNEWS Twitter Following: 13 Thousand Followers

Username: ETHnews

23. CRYPTONICLES Twitter Following: 12.3 Thousand Followers

Username: onpeakdemand

24. BITCOINWARRIOR Twitter Following: 12.2 Thousand Followers

Username: bitcoin_win

25. COINJOURNAL Twitter Following: 10.6 Thousand Followers

Username: coinjournal

26. 1STMININGRIG Twitter Following: 9.5 Thousand Followers

Username: 1stminingrig

27. COINSUTRA Twitter Following: 8.4 Thousand Followers

Username: coinsutra

28. BLOCKGEEKS Twitter Following: 7.3 Thousand Followers

Username: blockgks

29. COINSPECTATOR Twitter Following: 6.7 Thousand Followers

Username: coinspectator

30. BLOCKONOMI Twitter Following: 6.2 Thousand Followers

Username: blockonomi

31. BICOINZAR Twitter Following: 6.1 Thousand Followers

Username: bitcoinzar

32. SVKCRYPTO Twitter Following: 5.7 Thousand Followers

Username: svk_crypto

33. CRYPTONINJAS Twitter Following: 5.66 Thousand Followers

Username: crypto_ninjas

34. BITCOINDOOD Twitter Following: 5.6 Thousand Followers

Username: bestgpu4mining

35. CRYPTOCLARIFIED Twitter Following: 5 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptoclarified

36. BL4NKCODE.INFO Twitter Following: 4.7 Thousand Followers

Username: bl4nkcode

37.COINSPEAKER Twitter Following: 4.4 Thousand Followers

Username: coinspeaker

38. STOREOFVALUEBLOG Twitter Following: 3.9 Thousand Followers

Username: sovcryptoblog

39. CRYPTOAUSTRALIA Twitter Following: 3.8 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptoaustralia

40. CRYPTOMINING Twitter Following: 3.74 Thousand Followers

Username: crypto_blog

41. FORKLOG Twitter Following: 3.7 Thousand Followers

Username: forklog

42. CRYPTOCURRENCYAUS Twitter Following: 3.6 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptos_aus

43. AMCRYPTO Twitter Following: 3.3 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptoamb

44. BLOKT Twitter Following: 3.1 Thousand Followers

Username: blockcrypto

45. ALLCOINNEWS Twitter Following: 3.06 Thousand Followers

Username: allcoinsnews

46. CRYPTOCOINSPY Twitter Following: 3 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptocoin_cpy

47. COINFUNDA Twitter Following: 2.88 Thousand Followers

Username: coinfunda

48. BITSONBLOCKS Twitter Following: 2.82 Thousand Followers

Username: antony_btc

49. CRYPTOCOINSTIME Twitter Following: 2.7 Thousand Followers

Username: cryptocoinstime

50. COINIDOL Twitter Following: 2.66 Thousand Followers

Username: coinidol

51. USETHEBITCOIN Twitter Following: 2.5 Thousand Followers

Username: usethebitcoin

It's clear the younger blogs have some sharing to do!
The Pareto distribution is the 80-20 rule, where few carry the weight of many. Or in the case of crypto traffic, market share...😅
Deadpool wants more followers too...

Top 51 Cryptocurrency Blogs and Blockchain Websites Ranked by USER TRAFFIC

Crypto blogs are very busy with traffic. While the rest of the world bans crypto ads, users find most of their information from these blogs.

1. COINMARKETCAP Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 158.84 Million Users


2. COINDESK Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 14.73 Million Users


3. COINTELEGRAPH Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 9.01 Million Users


4. CCN Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 6.96 Million Users


5. NEWS.BITCOIN Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 4.25 Million Users


6. CRYPTOCURRENCYNEWS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 3.1 Million Users


7. NEWSBTC Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 2.54 Million Users


8. BITCOINIST Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 2.18 Million Users


9. 99BITCOINS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 2.16 Million Users


10. BLOCKGEEKS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 1.48 Million Users


11. THEMERKLE Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 1.38 Million Users


12. AMCRYPTO Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 1.37 Million Users


13. CRYPTOMINING Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 1.23 Million Users


14. BTCMANAGER Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 857 Thousand Users


15.COINSUTRA Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 818 Thousand Users


16. BITCOINMAGAZINE Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 766 Thousand Users


17. CRYPTOVEST Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 673 Thousand Users


18. ETHNEWS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 620 Thousand Users


19. COINSPEAKER Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 575 Thousand Users


20. BLOCKONOMI Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 573 Thousand Users


21. 1STMININGRIG Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 566 Thousand Users


22. BITZAMP Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 531 Thousand Users


23. BRAVENEWCOIN Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 409 Thousand Users


24. COINATMRADAR Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 342 Thousand Users


25. USETHEBITCOIN Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 323 Thousand Users


26. COINJOURNAL Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 306 Thousand Users


27. CRYPTOCOINSPY Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 302 Thousand Users


28. COINIDOL Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 253 Thousand Users


29. CRYPTOPOTATO Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 232 Thousand Users


30. COIN-TURK Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 222 Thousand Users


31. BITCOINGARDEN Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 206 Thousand Users


32. CAPTAINALTCOIN Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 187 Thousand Users


33. ABRA Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 171 Thousand Users


34. ALTCOINTODAY Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 162 Thousand Users


35. BITCOINBLOG.DE Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 144 Thousand Users


36. BITCOINMARKETJOURNAL Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 135 Thousand Users


37. CRYPTONINJAS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 133 Thousand Users


38. COINDOO Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 96.1 Thousand Users


39. CRYPTOCURRENCYFREAK Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 94 Thousand Users


40. CRYPTOCLARIFIED Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 93.4 Thousand Users


41. BITCOINCHASER Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 93 Thousand Users


42. CRYPTOTICKER Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 77 Thousand Users


43. THEBITCOINEWS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 76 Thousand Users


44. ZYCRYPTO Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 71.4 Thousand Users


45. BLOCKCHAIN24 Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 71 Thousand Users


46. CRYPTOCOREMEDIA Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 58 Thousand Users


47. CRYPTOPOST Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 56 Thousand Users


48. CRYPTO-NEWS Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 51 Thousand Users


49. COINGAPE Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 8 Thousand Users


50. CRYPTOFORUM Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 7.3 Thousand Users


51. COINWISDOM Traffic Volume Last 6 Months: 6 Thousand Users


COINMARKETCAP not included on this chart - hehehe 😄.

Hope this helps!
Let's share some of the power, shall we? The universe, and the blockchain, belong to us all.

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