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Hi my name is Adam,

My view is that Toronto has in some ways already supplanted NYC and Silicon Valley. If u go to MarRS website and look at their annual reports for the last five years a bunch of things pop-up (alongside my own thoughts): post Trump tech talent is pouring into Toronto from India and China cus the Yanks don't want them; Toronto commercial real estate is still bang for buck better per sq ft than Manhatten or Silicon; MaRS two main incubator industries which are fintech and health/pharma tech happen to be two areas Canada is known for from a strong regulatory and infrastructure perspective (I. E. Our banking and medical sectors are some of the best on the planet); AI startups and major game developers have HQs in Toronto (and Montreal) so the software developers who drive the startup economy have lots of choice for job prospects here while still saving on living expenses; Canada's solid trade relationship with China means our costs to get components and raw materials is super cheap giving our startups better margins while the Yanks scream "made in 'Murica!".


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