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It seems as though users are were finding a post about a mining wallet called Cryptoflare here on Cryptonicles. I am not familiar with Crypto Flare and it seems as though an affiliate left a link here which I have since removed after seeing so much traffic after the last couple of days.

It also looks like Cryptoflare has been shut down by Google.

WARNING: Cryptoflare Certified Mining Wallet is NOT SAFE - BE CAUTIOUS - DYOR

Cryptoflare shut down by Google.

Please exercise caution when making any investment decisions in blockchain. You have to really know who you are working with if you want to be successful.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH when deciding where to invest your crypto.

So if you find this message I hope that you take a little more consideration when deciding where to invest your dollars.

It is unfortunate to see blockchain projects end up this way as people tend towards greed and lose sight of what blockchain and cryptocurrency is all about.

If you have any questions about blockchain or need help navigating this sometimes treacherous environment, you can email me - I don't mind.

Again I cannot stress how important it is to do your due diligence, understand who you are working with and what exactly a project is about in order to be successful on the blockchain.

Without trust and honor, crypto would eventually fall to the wayside.

"Honor till the end, my friends."

Alex, Found


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