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Stake United is the first fully automated cryptocurrency alt-coin staking pool in the world. Only less than one year old, the Stake United platform already has 27000 users who are actively mining a loaded list of cryptocurrency tokens and coins in the ecosystem.

Note: Coin list available at the bottom of this page.

Full disclosure, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience using Stake United. From watching the user base grow from a few hundred members, to the monster community now powering the platform, Stake United is your go-to for passive income online in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency Staking Pool for Alt-Coins? Amazing Rewards on Stake United Blockchain Platform

How does Proof of Stake Work? A brief explanation of POS mining

Mining cryptocurrencies typically requires a lot of energy in the form of ‘hash power’. Bitcoin for example, is mined and produced by solving cumbersome computer problems, or doing ‘work’, to unravel equations set forth by the bitcoin protocol. In solving these computer equations, Bitcoin transactions can be verified and new blocks can be produced for the accounting ledger. These blocks sometimes contain block rewards, and these block rewards are distributed to the miners who are doing the most work on the blockchain. Block rewards are in the form of actual Bitcoin.

Proof of stake mining is similar, but instead of using hash power to solve problems posed by a blockchain algorithm, users can actually ‘stake’ there coins as collateral and tell the blockchain “I am assisting with these blockchain transactions by putting up my coins as collateral.”

The proof of stake system makes it much more expensive to attack the consensus of the blockchain, or manipulate the chain transaction chain and network through a fork. Instead of needing to generate 51% of the power to hash out problems posed by the blockchain algorithm, you would instead need 51% of the coins in question.

For most, if not all crypto tokens, this is simply impossible to maliciously manipulate proof of stake blockchains.

If someone did manage to get their hands on enough coins, they may end up destroying the coin’s value by forcibly forking it away from it’s original consensus algorithm, causing immense community disruption, and a sell off of the coin they just hoarded to stake. That is counterintuitive to creating value, and is generally avoided in crypto staking environments. That’s why proof of stake mining is so powerful, there is strong incentive for coin holders to stick to the game-plan set out by the blockchain algorithm of the coin, and earn more rewards for their coin collateral.

Those who choose to stake their coins would receive proportionate rewards for their collateral in the form of transactions fees. Instead of a small mining rig to produce marginal block rewards, like the ones you see online and in the media, cryptocurrency ‘stakers’ can simply take a bunch of coins in one of their wallets, place the coins into a PoS mining pool, like Stake United, and enjoy their rewards automatically.

Every reward you get from mining with Stake United gets immediately placed back into staking wallets on the platform. This means compounding your portfolio, without lifting a finger.

3 Reasons that make Stake United a very powerful PoS Mining Platform:

Easy to Use Blockchain Platform

Stake United, is without a doubt, one of the easiest mining platforms to use available today. If you know how to transfer cryptocurrency tokens between wallets, using Stake United will be a cake walk.

After signing up to Stake United, click on Member Area at the top of the screen.

A new dashboard will come up with Stake United’s blog. To the left of the blog items you will see a folder for Personal Balances. Open the dropdown menu and then click on PoS Balance | History.

This will give you the list of available coins you can stake on the platform. Simply click on the ‘+’ symbol beside the coin you would like to stake, and generate a new wallet address. You then take this wallet address to the wallet or exchange that is holding the coins you want to stake, and make a simple transfer from that exchange or wallet, to your Stake united staking wallet. Simple!

Amazing Blockchain Community and Support

In addition to the extremely easy to use platform, Stake United has an amazing blockchain community and support system. I have personally never had an issue with the platform. But in addition to putting up a support ticket, on the platform directly, you should really join the Stake United Discord.

Not only will you find the people who are running the platform, you will also find an active community of over 20 000 members who are constantly assisting each other in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and staking on the platform.

If I have questions about the potential of new coins and crypto communities joining Stake united, I simply head to the discord channel for all of my answers. There are new coins, bounties, and giveaways being posted weekly. Keeping an eye on the Stake United Discord will keep you ahead of the curve.

There are so many coins and crypto tokens to choose from on the Stake United cryptocurrency mining platform.

Stake United is loved by its community members because of the sheer number of coins available to mine for literally anyone. Everything from Deviant Coin, to THC, and GIN coin can be mined automatically using Stake United:

Here is a list of coins currently available on Stake United’s cryptocurrency mining platform. Each coin is linked to the available exchange that is can be traded on.

Full list of coins available to mine on the Stake United Blockchain Platform

401K Coin (401K) - Cryptobridge

APR Coin (APR) - Coinexchange

Bitblocks (BBK) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange

BUZZ Coin (BUZZ) - Coinexchange

CAZ Coin (CAZ) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge

Civitas (CIV) - Palintax

CROP Coin (CROP) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge

Ducat (DC) - Cryptobridge

Deviant (DEV) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange, Cryptopia

Dravite (DRV) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange

Dystem (DTEM) - Coinexchange, Graviex

Dunderdog X (DUDGX) - Coming Soon

DV8 Coin (DV8) - Cryptobridge

Diverse (DVRS) - Stocks Exchange

DVX Coin (DVX) - Escodex

Electra (ECA) - Cryptobridge, Cryptopia

Ember (EMB) - Cryptopia

ENDO Coin V2 (ENDO) - Stocks Exchange

GigasCash Coin (GCASH) - Coming Soon

GINcoin (GIN) - Cryptobridge, Cryptopia

Gold Poker Coin (GPKR) - Stocks Exchange

Graphcoin (GRPH) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge

HIGHT Coin (HIGHT) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange, Graviex

Interstellar Holding (HOLD) - Cryptopia, Trade Satoshi, Mercatox

Ignition Coin (IC) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange, Cryptopia

JIYO (JIYO) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange

KB3 (KB3) - Coinexchange

Logis Coin (LGS) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge

LightPay Coin (LPC) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange

LUXCoin (LUX) - Cryptobridge, Cryptopia

Money Project (MONK) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge, Cryptopia

MakeTrip (MTRIP) - Graviex, Stocks Exchange

Nibex (NBX) - Coming Soon

OP Coin (OPC) - Cryptobridge, Cryptopia

Penguin Coin (PENG) - Cryptobridge, Cryptopia, Nibyx

PINK Coin (PINK) - Cryptopia, Bittrex, Poloniex

PIVX (PIVX) - Bittrex, Coinexchange, Binance

Project Coin (PRJ) - Graviex, Cryptobridge

REDD Coin (RDD) - Bittrex

Rocket Coin (Rocket) - Graviex

SHARD Coin (SHARD) - Cryptobridge

Sharing Market Coin (SMK) - Cryptobridge

Hemp Coin (THC) - Bittrex

ThunderStake Coin (TSC) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange

xOx (XGOX) - Cryptobridge, Stocks Exchange, Cryptopia

Experience Points (XP) - Coinexchange, Cryptobridge, Cryptopia

XUEZ (XUEZ) - Cryptobridge

Zoomba Coin (ZBA) - Graviex

Also keep in mind that many of these coins have masternode opportunities. All of which can be unlocked by using Stake United proof of stake automated masternode reward system.

I hope this helps!

Alex, Founder

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