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If there's one leader the world that enjoys being talking about more than any other right now, it's Donald Trump. However, it would seem that Donald Trump isn't all that keen on talking about crypto, though it's possible to deduce his general stance on Bitcoin by looking at what the people around him have said about cryptocurrencies recently. And while their words have been cautious or qualified — for the most part — it would seem that Trump might possibly be the most crypto-sympathetic leader in the Western world right now.

One of the most recent pronouncements from a person close to the 45th President came from Gary Cohn, the 11th Director of the National Economic Council — from January 2017 to April 2018) — and the ex-president of Goldman Sachs. He affirmed his belief that there will one day be a "global cryptocurrency." Unfortunately for Bitcoin maximalists, Cohn doesn't think that such a global token will be Bitcoin, since he believes that whatever coin emerges to dominate the future will not be "based on mining costs or cost of electricity or things like that."

Cohn is, in other words, a member of the 'blockchain not Bitcoin' club, and even though he no longer works as Trump's chief economic adviser, it would seem that other figures within Trump's circle — as well as Trump himself — are also fellow travellers. In September, Margie Graves, the chief information officer at the US Office of Management and Budget, revealed that the government was looking into use cases for distributed ledger technology, just as other White House officials were urging the adoption of the data standards necessary for blockchain adoption to take hold.

If such enthusiasm for blockchain invited hope for a similar attitude towards cryptocurrencies, such hope was largely stunted during a November 30 press conference. When quizzed on whether "the President [has] been following this at all – Bitcoin specifically," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders answered:


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