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On the afternoon of June 30, at the “World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” sub-meeting venue “AI·cross-border”, well-known financial columnist Xiao Lei was entitled “What stage is Bitcoin in history? Said in the speech ,

"The source of human progress is the exploration of inspiration and rich imagination, and the emergence of Bitcoin just satisfies human imagination of money, and it also conforms to the rise and fall of big countries and the laws of business history. Xiao Lei has benchmarked bitcoin history. The gold that impacted the monetary system, the two, put forward two assumptions about the historical stage of Bitcoin.
We don't have to worry about Bitcoin replacing the currency. We can see that in the future, there are 20% of the countries, and within ten years its legal currency does not exist. As long as countries with very strong sovereign attributes like China and the United States can compete with the underlying monetary system, many national sovereign currencies are no longer necessary, and they are only the beginning. ”


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