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Since the legislation was completed, Bloomberg reported that two or three crypto companies register in the state every day — which, in and of itself, will bring increased revenue a the state in which mining and energy are the main drivers of the economy. If companies set up offices in the state, it will mean more money in its coffers. As for a Securities and Exchange Commission crackdown on cryptocurrency Wyoming isn’t concerned. State Representative Tyler Lindholm, a Republican who sponsored key parts of the blockchain laws, told Bloomberg that he and other lawmakers have the SEC coming to the next meeting of a task force set up to look at blockchain laws. “My legislation does tend to not align with federal bureaucracies very well, and it wouldn’t be the first time I got a letter from an agency at the federal level,” Lindholm said, noting that other states, including New Hampshire and North Dakota, have reached out to learn about passing similar laws.

Wyoming's Friendly Laws Lure Crypto Companies |

Wyoming is trying to position itself as a leader in cryptocurrency and one of the friendliest states when it comes to legislation around crypto companies. According to a report in Bloomberg back in March, Republican Governor Matt Mead signed into law legislation on limited liability corporations that is more friendly to blockchain companies, making so-called […]

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