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Here is a quick guide to all of the coins available for a masternode on Stake United.

A Step-by-Step, How to Crypto Guide: MASTERNODE Mining Service and Coins on Stake United

Checking Stake United account balance like…

Keep in mind Stake United has only started in November of 2017, so you should expect there to be more and more coins available for staking and masternode creation as we trudge onward into the future of blockchain.

But for now these 5 should keep you busy swimming through your sea of coins already.

Arion (ARION) Masternode

ARION is a resurrection of the abandoned Mutual Coin community. Mutual coin developers disappeared from the project to which the MUT community picked up the mission and redesigned the coin through a coin swap, giving birth to a cryptocurrency with long-term value as a goal. ARION uses a velocity blockchain security system that “triple checks” blockchain inconsistencies and possible exploits such as rapid block times, incorrect fees, insufficient balances and other obstacles the blockchain faces from malicious developers. This is a coin for the community, by the community, and just goes to show how reactive and innovative the blockchain ecosystem can be. This currency is definitely powered by the people.

ROI (Annual Masternode): 126.19.%/289 days

Paid Rewards for MN: 2,656 ARION

Average MN Reward Frequency: 10 Hours 33 Min

Collateral Required for MN: 5,000 ARION

Premine: 3,000,000 ARION

Premine Swap: 2,200,000 MUT for ARION (1 ARION: 10,000 MUT)

MAX SUPPLY: 21,000,000

Block Time: 2 Min

Exchanges: Crypto Bridge

Start staking ARION.
Create ARION Masternode.






Ignition Coin (IC) Masternode

Here’s one of the first coins I personally recognized as being part of Stake United’s masternode ensemble. Ignition coin provides an attractive MN system designed to preserve the value of the coin indefinitely. Only 1 Million coins were generated in the first year with the remaining 4 million coins over the 50 years. With such a low coin supply, IC is one of the most valuable MN coins you could mine on the blockchain without question.

ROI (Annual Masternode): 262.42%/139 days

Paid Rewards for MN: 1,035 IC

Average MN Reward Frequency: 1 Hour 7 Min

Collateral Required for MN: 3,000 IC

Premine: 100,000 IC

MAX SUPPLY: 5,000,000 IC

Block Time: 2 MIN

Exchanges: Cryptopia, Crypto Bridge, Stocks.Exchange, CoinsMarket

Start staking IC.
Create IC Masternode.






CropCoin (CROP) Masternode

Another new masternode coin, Cropcoin is a peer to peer, open source and decentralized. Having scalability and security advantages over many other cryptocurrencies makes this an attractive coin for those looking for passive income. The hybrid proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoW) system allows miners. and the MN holders, the flexibility they need when confirming exchanges and creating coins on the blockchain. Instant send features also enables lightning faster transactions.

ROI (Annual Masternode): 4354.01%/ 8 days

Paid Rewards for MN: 133,692 CROP

Average MN Reward Frequency:

Collateral Required for MN: 5,000 CROP

Premine: 2,000,000 CROP

MAX SUPPLY: 100,000,000 CROP

Block Time: 2 Min

Exchanges: Crypto Bridge,

Start staking CROP.
Create CROP Masternode.






Deviant Coin (DEV) Masternode

This is actually the coin I purchased for my first masternode seat. Remember, you don’t have to purchase an ENTIRE masternode, you can purchase individual seats and wait for others to fill those seats on Stake United.

That’s the beauty of this pooling service, they manage all of the coding for you. So I’ve bought my first seat in a DEV MN in hopes that others will join me in forging this amazing coin! And the reason why I say it’s amazing is because the community is very large, meaning it is also very strong. These are the same people that are going to be driving prices during bull runs in the market, so seeing this many people this fast is a great sign for this coin.

DEV also provides lightning fast and secure transactions. Multi-wallets encrypted messaging, and stealth address make this coin complete for anonymity, low confirmation numbers, low fees, and a limited coin supply for faster value generation.

ROI (Annual Masternode): 726.22%/50 days

Paid Rewards for MN: 13,430 DEV

Average MN Reward Frequency: 2 Hours 24 Min

Collateral Required for MN: 5,000 DEV

Premine: 4,136,000 DEV

MAX SUPPLY: 88,000,000 DEV

Block Time: 1 MIN

Exchanges: Crypto Bridge, Stocks.Exchange, Trade Satoshi

Start staking DEV.
Create DEV Masternode.






Stipend (SPD) Masternode

Here is an interesting new MN coin with some utility to boot! Stipend aims to be an ultimate solution for the decentralized jobs marketplace. A place where freelancers and clients can meet and exchange services looks to the aim. Both groups will enjoy low feels, instant payments, and a never before seen reward system for top users.

Stipend wants to power freelancing on the blockchain through this decentralized marketplace supported by a low coin supply and an exceptional masternode network.

ROI (Annual Masternode): 978.56%/37 days

Paid Rewards for MN: 21,850 SPD

Average MN Reward Frequency: 4 Hours 28 Min

Collateral Required for MN: 5,000 SPD

Premine: 470,000 SPD

MAX SUPPLY: 19,357,085 SPD

Block Time: 48 s

Exchanges: Crypto Bridge






After you’ve decided which coin you want to create a masternode for, you can head to Stake United to get started on your own in just a few easy clicks.

Stake United Masternodes Dashboard
Your Masternode Dashboard (Under Account Balances Tab)

Go to your list of coins on your Account balance and click on the M button beside the coin you want to buy seats for.

Remember, each masternode requires a certain number of seats to be purchased in order to be complete and functional.

So although you may not have enough for a full MN, you should at least request seats for one. Because when more ppl begin to fill seats, you will be ready to go with your coins already primed for entry.

This is me claiming the first Deviant coin seat for a new master node on Stake United

Enough for 1 seat.

Requesting 1 seat requires a commitment of 125 DEV.

40 seats will complete the master node.

So 40×125 = 5000 DEV, the required collateral for a full MN (see DEV guide above to confirm).

Awaiting other seats to be filled in order to complete master node.

And that’s pretty much it!

See this guide from Stake United if you get stuck.

Now of course if you personally had 5000 DEV, or enough of any of the other coins, you could create your own masternode easily.

Also keep in mind that when you request a seat for a node, your coins do not stop staking.

You will continue to stake everyday just as normal, until your masternode fills, to which you will then be creating even more coins with the other users who hold seats.

So if you are already staking cryptocurrencies, check out Stake United’s masternode full suite service.

I wrote about why masternodes are so powerful here:

It’s as easy as point and click – everything is automated.

All you really have to do is register to get started.

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