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The differences between the two attendees were further put on display by way of comments published after the appearance before the U.S. senators.

Following the event, Van Valkenburgh said in a statement that he appreciated “the opportunity to present the committee with real-world examples of the value public blockchain networks can bring to society, and to respond to some of the criticisms that have been leveled against them for years.”

In contrast, Roubini took aim at the many social media critics who responded disdainfully to his remarks as the hearing went on.

Roubini tweeted:

“Crypto twitter is a cesspool of bots, trolls, shills, scammers, crypto zealots and lunatics. Barking dogs that attack me after losing 90 [percent] in last year. None read my paper & none have any substantial critique. This motley crew is a bunch of pathetic lunatics & HODLing losers”

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