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CultureJul 19, 2018

As a person who eats melons, I look forward to EOS soaring (because I am an EOS fan), while watching the small contrasts between Ethereum and EOS, small competition. However, in the long run, it is also a good thing.

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Ethereum and EOS, two geniuses of struggle – 以太坊和EOS,两位天才的斗争|中国的比特币门户

This is not the latest, in the face of the strong momentum of EOS, Ethereum can not sit still, must open the combo mode. On the one hand, V God announced that the Ethereum segmentation technology is mature and the transaction performance will be greatly improved. On the other hand, the Ethereum Foundation recently announced the funding of 22 distributed application platforms for a total of $2.84 million. I saw it, not my Ethereum, but I don’t do it!

But don’t blame the crowds for watching the excitement. First look at the two founders, have to say, are talents, are gods!

First look at the founder of Ethereum, VitalikButerin, the rivers and lakes called “V God.”

At the end of 2013, 19-year-old Vitalik Buterin sent a white paper to his friends, suggesting a new bitcoin. The new bitcoin will be based on a common programming language that can be used to create a wide variety of applications, such as social, trading, gaming and more. Buterin sent 15 people, and these 15 people were sent to their friends. One pass and ten pass, Buterin’s thoughts soon exploded in the Bitcoin community.

Buterin thought that there were still many loopholes in his thoughts, and whoever thought of it was even praised. At the time, Buterin had just received a $100,000 Thiel Scholarship (Paypal founder, Silicon Valley investment tycoon Peter Thiel is a scholarship to encourage young people under the age of 20). The money has not been hot, and it was used by Buterin to develop a decentralized, blockchain-based computing platform called Etherum. At the same time, Buterin also designed a new cryptocurrency currency, Ether, for Ethereum. In 2015, Ethereum was officially launched.

The mediocre people experience differently, and the road to genius growth is very similar.

Daniel Larimer, rumored by BM (Bytemaster), is the only person in the world who has successfully developed three decentralized systems based on blockchain technology, the co-founders of Bitshares, Steem and EOS.

In 2003 Daniel Larimer graduated from Virginia Tech and received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He has always had a dream to find a free market solution that guarantees people’s lives, freedom and property. He believes that if someone can provide such a plan, not only can make a lot of money, but also make the world a better place. He found that to achieve this goal, it must start with free money.

In 2009, he began to try to develop a digital currency, and at this time he discovered Bitcoin, so he immediately participated in it and actively promoted Bitcoin. In 2013, many Bitcoin exchanges were suspended by the US government and bank accounts were confiscated. At this time, Dan found that if there is no decentralized exchange, Bitcoin will die. Since then he has developed the world’s first decentralized exchange, Bitshares, and invented bitUSD, a digital currency that holds dollars.

In early 2016, Dan started developing the Steem blockchain based on his new understanding and developed a social media application, Steemit, on the public chain.

After the successful development of Steem, in April 2017, Dan partnered with a company called Brendan Blumer to establish a company called Block.One, and based on the development experience and technology of Bitshares and Steem, started a new project, that is EOS!

It seems that the two geniuses of the road to fame are not so smooth. Taking Ethereum and EOS as a comparison, Ethereum is currently the most widely used blockchain eco-platform, and its token ETH is the second cryptocurrency of the current market value.

Although EOS has not yet been developed, many friends believe that Ethereum has been surpassed. This is true in terms of functionality and performance, but in the business battlefield, technology is often not the deciding factor in achieving the final victory. The advantage of Ethereum lies in its large volume. Many project applications and tokens are based on Ethereum, which has formed a huge ecosystem. This is something that cannot be surpassed by other public chains including EOS in a short period of time.

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