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Bypass the banking system, and create your own wealth – passively.

How to Easily Build Passive Wealth with Stake United‘s Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency Mining Pool (PoS)

A world first.

Building wealth… a state that is unbeknownst to many people in our globalized society.

Everyone wants ‘money, but’ the thought of building wealth brings feelings of guilt to many of us looking for that extra push for our portfolio or savings account. Even when we are working really hard at our jobs or small business, there is still something deep down telling us that we aren’t doing enough to change things.

The guys who already have theirs, make it difficult for you to get yours.

It’s easier to believe that much of our global population just ‘scrapes by’ or ‘barely survives’ as opposed to actually building a legacy. The entry level challenges for having that huge dividend portfolio, or seeing strong returns on bond yield, real estate income, or private equity investments, are extremely difficult.

When is the last time you had a casual conversation about throwing a couple of million into a bond? Probably a very long time ago, in a past life… if ever.

Often times things like education, social status, and how much our parents are worth play a huge factor in determining how wealthy we can potentially become. The unfortunate, and growing, income disparity between ‘classes’ in the world can be blamed for that.

The obstacles staring us down at the gate of the financial industry often resembles an overbearing bouncer at a nightclub.

“You don’t know the right people inside?
Sorry bud.”
Do I know you? – Private Commercial Investing
“Haven’t got enough cash?
That’s laughable… why are you even here?”
Do you have a lot of cash? – Centralized Banks

These life barriers are typically going to keep you out of the club, as well as prevent you from having an investment portfolio with strong annual returns.

So when I stumbled across this project, Stake United, in another one my curious adventures throughout the blockchain ecosystem, I was very excited to find that not only does the community allow you to create wealth passively, and very aggressively I might add, but the entire process literally took me less than 10 minutes to set up.

All I needed to start was a very small amount of cryptocurrency – no formal applications, no banks, no agents, no back ground checks, and I was set to ‘wealth creation’.

You just need a few coins, and 10 minutes, to get started in the staking pool.

You can actually register using the window below.

I was personally in shock. Stake United had turned my small cryptocurrency investment into an autonomous, value building machine. All through a process called ‘Proof of Stake’.





I had never seen any sort of financial vehicle like the Stake United PoS Mining Pool before.
It completely turned my head around on investing.
What was this proof of stake mining strategy?






My very small amount of BTC was now in the form of XP and DVRS, and both coins were, quite literally, on their way to printing copies of themselves inside this pool.

Experience Points (XP) gaming cryptocurrency listed on CoinExchange.Io
Diverse (DVRS) One of the most aggressive pooling coins in the world.

Being the first automated pool of its kind worldwide, I was really curious as to how this worked.

With XP being a highly anticipated gaming currency I’d wanted to HODL for a long time but never got around to, and Diverse having projected returns of 3000% over 5 months through staking in the pool, I figured this was a great time to learn about a new facet of the blockchain, and a potential avenue to contribute to the legacy.




The schedule for payment on staking each coin is below.

Look at those returns… those are individual DAYS.

Now I understand the risk behind investing your FIAT into cryptocurrencies, we’ve all heard the FUD before.

But if you were willing to take the leap of faith onto the blockchain and have survived this long, then proof of stake ‘mining’, for building wealth using coins you already own should be, absolutely, no problem.

But first, what is proof of stake, and how are my coins being used to generate more coins?!

Well it’s probably better if we first define proof-of-work first, the protocol used to validate transactions on the blockchain and the standard to generate more cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, because that is where the PoS, or proof of stake strategy, was originally derived.

Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

The philosophy behind working, and staking.

Bitcoin mining in action.

The concept of PoW requires that some work, or computational processing, of a moderately hard level of difficulty, be carried out by the user, or miner in the case of blockchain. But this work must also be easy enough to check by the service provider that the user is requesting a function from.

Proof of Work is recognized as a protocol intended to prevent cyber attacks to service providers, like distributed denial-of-service or (DDoS) attacks which aim to completely use up a systems computational resources by literally spamming multiple fake requests until the computer overloads.

Hacker is spamming service provider by posing as multiple users.

Consensus on the validity of the request by the user, or in this case of crypto, a transaction, is reached because so much effort was put into building (mining) the new block of transactions, on the chain, by so many different sources working through all of that code. This work is then literally ‘broadcast’ to everyone on the network, ledger, cloud, or blockchain (whatever you’d like to call it) so that everyone has a copy and the work cannot be changed.

How blockchain consensus works.

After going through all of this it would be near impossible to retrace even 1 step of this consensus building process, inevitably making the transaction ledger valid, and unbreakable, by nature of there being a consistent record of work held by at least 51% of the group at all times. Soft of like a majority vote on the rules of that particular blckchain. Proof of work is also sometimes called a CPU cost function, client puzzle, computational puzzle, or CPU pricing function.

The energy cost for mining is also very high. So high that it discourages miners from attempting to overtake the blockchain consensus of 51%, the rules that make up the validation of transactions

You would literally need to by assume 51% of the global mining power, for any particular coin, to take over the direction of the blockchain. This is most likely impossible by any one group or person.

Check out this PDF on Bitcoin security that explains why.

The idea of Proof of Work existed even before Bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto applied this strategy to digital currencies, in turn, revolutionizing the way we carry out traditional financial transactions.

A trust-less and distributed consensus on transactions could be reached, without a centralized point of reference. The problem of double-spend for digital currencies, was solved as we could now verify the legitimacy of financial transactions on the blockchain because transaction data, mined through these computations, was being distributed to everyone on the ledger, or blockchain, at the same time.

So everyone knows what the miners know, all transactions are clear.

Watch this 2 minute video that explains bitcoin mining, really good.

Proof of Work basically proves that a series of transactions are valid on the blockchain.

It is the requirement of solving intense, but doable, computer calculations, needed in order to create a new group of transactions, or a block, on the blockchain, as seen below.

The life of a miner.

But again with all of that computation, mining out these calculations for new bitcoins or any coin, becomes a very cumbersome in terms of hardware costs and energy resources.

So much energy is being used that mining bitcoin through proof of work methods is beginning to harm our environment.

But now there is now an alternative to generating coins on the blockchain, through building new blocks, that doesn’t need all of the hardware, energy or a background in engineering and development – literally anyone can use this new method if they find the right platform.

I’ve found mine with Stake United – here’s why.






“In order to secure a blockchain, its estimated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum burn over $1 million worth of electricity and hard costs per day as part of their census mechanism.
While proof of work requires miners to effectively burn computation power on useless calculations to secure the network, proof of stake effectively simulates the burning, so no real-world energy or resources are ever actually wasted.”
Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum






The Power of Proof of Stake

Enter proof of stake mining – completely changing the game on how we verify transactions on the blockchain.

Instead of mining blocks by trying to solve difficult computer calculations that use electricity and hardware typically found in proof of work mining set-ups, proof of stake blocks are said to be ‘forged’, or ‘minted’ by simply owning ‘stake’. In the coin.

Users who validate transactions and create new blocks in this system using PoS are considered to be forgers.

Forging cryptocurrency through proof of stake mining has quickly become a hot topic.

In order to validate the transactions and create blocks, a forger must first put their own coins up as “stake”. The coins are then held in what some may recognize as escrow, or financial limbo, busy validating transactions on the blockchain for other coins of its kind.

Proof of staking in a nutshell.

This proof of stake, or skin in the game is what’s used to validate transactions as the punishment for validating incorrect blocks would mean that not only do you lose your stake that you put up for forging new blocks, but you are also banned from ever mining that coin through PoS methods permanently.

So there is strong incentive for PoS participants to uphold valid transactions, as their coins sit on the line, unlike miners, who are only obliged to high-tech hardware and energy generation in real life.

Virtual mining is now made possibly by just owning some coin.

I have yet to com across any news or chatter about anyone trying to change the transaction rules of an entire blockchain for any coin, so it looks like the proof of stake, loss avoidance protocol, is working out very well.

That’s why Stake United is so powerful.

Because not only are you mining through PoS, but you are also doing so in a pool with many others.

Pool party!

This is the first PoS community of its kind, and is growing quite rapidly as people begin to learn that there are alternative ways to not only mine coins, but generate wealth in this ecosystem.

The effect of pooling means that the combined coin of the Stake United community has much more influence on forging, mining, or minting new coins in their pool.

Again I had to do a full deep dive to understand what the difference was between proof of work, and proof of stake, but once understood, the distinction is profound.

Stake United allows anyone, with any amount of cryptocurrency, to begin forging, or minting their own coins, for more coin, on the blockchain, building wealth for their portfolio – hassle free.

The team is is also adding more and more coins everyday, many of which are found on popular exchanges that trade against BTC and ETH.

A handful of coins can still grow.

So you can only guess why PoS pooling is becoming so attractive as its very easy to build value with an Alt coin staking in a group, and then once it’s matured, withdraw the coins from the group, trade it for bitcoin, ethereum, or even just continue staking for sake of more passive wealth building.

With a growing pool of forgers, and a strong list of coins, I’m happy to be a part of this community early on in its global presence.

I suspect that once a few more people see how quickly stake United is filling the network with its coin pool, the next rush in crypto will be PoS pooling.

Stake United community 1 year from now.

It’s so easy to start forging wealth here.

I’ll show you.

Check out this short, but detailed, guide on how to sign up and begin staking your coin.





Proof of stake, and proof of stake mining pools, are going to be very interesting parts of the crypto ecosystem.

As time passes, expect these pools to get PRETTY big, given their ease of use.

Making me believe that forging a financial future is now very possible through pooling with Stake United.

Time is actually money on the blockchain!


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