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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself to you.

HUNTER PROFILE: BJ (@CoinTribune) – Powering the proliferation of blockchain ecosystems through writing.

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“Benjamin is open to any project, because he is open to everyone on the blockchain.” – Alex, Founder

My name is BJ (Benjamin) and I run the CoinTribune accounts on Cryptonicles, Twitter, Steemit, and Instagram.

I am extremely passionate about cryptocurrency, and that passion has lead me into many aspects of its existence. I am proficient in many of the major exchanges such as Bittrex, Cryptopia, Etherdelta, Etc., as well as various hot and cold storage wallets.

I started writing articles about cryptocurrency with the hope to provide value to an audience as well as be able to assist companies that are interested in working with me in some capacity.

I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales, and I have worked several jobs in the marketing and sales field.

I believe one of my strongest attributes is my passion for cryptocurrency. I can work countless hours in the space and still love it at the end of the day.  At its core, the ability to send value from one person to another without a third party fascinates me. I’m also fascinated by the opportunity to gain financial freedom in many ways.

I think out of the box and am also very resourceful. I know where to find information when I need it and I enjoy networking.

I am not a self-proclaimed expert with regards to programming or in-depth details regarding computer technology or blockchain technology.

However, my passion for writing and my researching abilities allow me to learn quickly and have given me the growing knowledge I have in the cryptocurrency space as a whole.  I am also a proficient writer. With these skills, I believe I can be an asset for interested parties.

I am looking to conduct myself in a professional and honest manner and hope to work with people who are looking to do the same.

Email: [email protected]


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