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A web based operating system for the cloud.

Developers will get access to blockchain much easier and quicker way. In B2B it will combine legacy with cloud resources. End users will use the WEB 3.0 services to help them turn away from consumerism and become knowledgeable users who can take control in their digital destiny Friends aims at collaborating rather than competing with others in the cloud or blockchain space.

Currently exploring partnerships with the likes of OmiseGo and plan to help various sized businesses with new systems integrations. Competitors might be cloud service providers like Citrix & VMWare. FRND tokens will have utility value in the Friend and connected clouds. Uses include membership access, identity profile and wallet/account entry key.

Token will be exchanged and liquid through exchanges partnerships. 82% to be distributed in ICO. 12% goes to company Friend Network AS for operations. 6% is for an endowments for the team – employees, close consultants or equity holders. This fund also aims at hiring more people and further incentivize them with the pool of 12% for the company. Challenge is finding right partners in the early stage – vetting people and projects.

Friend does not want to get involved with the wrong people and aims at building safe and solid commercial business, which is challenge. Finding the right talent could also prove challenging. Tech is already up and running Version 1.1 – Version 1.2 coming soon – it is planned and scheduled. Visit for more:

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