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Aside from the current $1,000 bitcoin price hike, the blockchain digital asset market may be experiencing a bear market cycle triggered by the disappearance of consumer interest, but the blockchain still seems to be a big deal – especially in China. “South China Morning Post” (South China Morning Post) quoted Chinese newspaper “Kai letter” of the data reported from 1 Yue 1 Ri Zhi7 Yue 16 May 3078 Chinese companies have submitted an application to the “Blackberry” ( block chain ) the Chinese name is contained in its own name, and in the 2017 full year, only 555 homes. In the past years,16,600 newly registered companies have incorporated blockchain into their business strategies. [This article by source Zhongrui consultant editor / system development WeChat search: yzrhuhang] These data are in stark contrast to the United States, where only 817registered companies include the word “blockchain”. However, even this number has been compared to the Internet bubble in order to make investors feel that they are fashionable technology companies. The valuation soared, but eventually collapsed as the 20th century madeconcessions to the 21st century.

In China, blockchain digital asset development companies increased by 454% – 在中国,区块链数字资产开发公司增加了454%|中国的比特币门户

撇开目前1000美元的比特币价格上涨不谈,区块链数字资产市场可能正在经历消费者兴趣消失引发的熊市周期,但区块链似乎仍是一笔大买卖——尤其是在中国。《南华早报》(South China Morning

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