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Incentive is so important for the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment. Many of the ICOs we know and love, reward its community members for creating content, sharing ideologies, and cultivating communities through online engagement.

Masters of Crypto: Get paid to post about Bitcoin and the Blockchain in these Online Forums

These incentives give every day users the opportunity to refract their understanding of the blockchain through the platforms it nurtures and creates.

It is well known that online traffic, engagement, and user-ship, are all inextricably linked to the price of bitcoin and the alt coin markets.

Users actively engaged in filling the web with their understanding of cryptocurrencies, and sharing it with others, is extremely important in propelling the blockchain towards mass adoption, and healthier portfolio for everyone.

So in seeing that Masters of Crypto is ranking and rewarding it’s top contributors in it’s forum is very interesting to me, and very beneficial to the blockchain.

For example, their top ranking contributor now has 37 000 credits (72USD at time of writing). They’ve achieved this namely by sharing links to interesting articles about the blockchain and cryptocurrency for other users. Very clever.

The ranking system for most and least credits accrued is also something to watch out for if you are a competitive creator.

Lastly the forum is organized into an easily navigable structure making the user experience worthwhile if you are just exploring.

Check out some of the screenshots of the credit dashboard below:

Transaction history.
Withdraw your hard work for USD, most likely in crypto equivalence.
Get rich in credits and top the leaderboard.

You may find yourself on the leaderboard some day soon.

It’s been a pleasure.

Alex, Found

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