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InvestingMay 22, 2018

The Prontapay project, in its continued progress of collaboration and growth, has announced that it is being launched on the KICKICO platform.

PRESS RELEASE: Prontapay (PRO) – @Prontapay Collaboration With KICKICO

The Cryptocurrency space is continually becoming more competitive. If projects want to succeed, they must provide rapid growth and delivery. The Prontapay project seems to be doing just that.

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On May 11, 2018, the Prontapay team tweeted that they finished on top of the list in votes on KICKICO. Prontapay looks to have received over 500% more votes that the second place finisher in the voting poll.

What is KICKICO?

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KICKICO is a platform that helps projects get notoriety and become more successful. states, “[o]ur mission is to help innovators, game developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and other future-thinking creators to bring their ideas into reality regardless of their location, origin, and economic status” (

The KICKICO ecosystem is an intriguing one indeed. They have their own token, KickCoin, which is used as a payment method on their platform. The KickCoin is interesting, in that “the value of KickCoin tokens will also be supported by creation of a token fund: KICKICO takes 4% of the tokens or cryptocurrency produced by an ICO campaign and deposits it in the fund. This fund of campaign tokens will back the value of KICK tokens, as projects launched through KICKICO grow in value” ( This is unique in that many coins and tokens in the cryptocurrency world are not necessarily backed by anything, thus leading to the doubts many people have when critiquing the cryptocurrency space. To have a token that is backed by value, such as the KickCoin, is very interesting, and seems promising.

KickCoin also “activates Bancor protocol and, being a “Smart token”, will have reserves that makes it liquid within Bancor network” ( As readers may remember, Prontapay also announced collaboration with the Bancor network in April of this year (2018).


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Working with the KICKICO platform should be yet another step in the right direction for Prontapay. It should give more publicity to Prontapay, as well as help the growth of community and interest. KICKICO seems to lead by example, as they too, had their own ICO, which was for their aforementioned platform that seeks to help other ICOs. This is interesting, in that, put simply, KICKICO ran an ICO, which basically drew attention to its platform for helping other ICOs. For their ICO, KICKICO was essentially “raising funds for the development of a crowdfunding platform…through their own crowdfunding platform” ( According to, the KICKICO token sale seems to have been an amazing success, having raised $21,581,925 of $12,800,000, which was 169% of their goal for their ICO, which ran from 8/29/17-9/16/17 ( Having a successful ICO of their own, should be positive data, which can lead to the assumption that KICKICO’s platform may be able to help other ICOs have success as well.

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According to the medium article, “Ignite Ratings at KICKICO”, author and KICKICO CEO writes; “the project has already raised 2000 ETH in presale and the current ICO, having raised even more in the private seed; the supporting community is vast and so far has reached over 1500 unique contributors who are members of the Hive Community” (Danilevski, Georgedicdiquin on steemit, writes in his article, “ICO Reviews: KICKICO”, that KICKICO is very convenient, fast and so simple that even a child could launch his campaign in ten minutes” (georgedicdiquin,

It also shows a great deal of community support, that Prontapay received so many votes on the KICKICO platform. This success is two-fold. It means that Prontapay is growing a strong community, which is of great importance.. but it also reveals that KICKICO has interaction on its platform as well.

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As of May 21st 2018, the Prontapay ICO has roughly 23 days left for investors to get involved in the pre-sale (ends June 14). The main ICO will take place thereafter, from July 1st – August 1st. ( Prontapay has already distributed 4,032,120 PRO tokens, of 25,000,000 available for pre-sale (with total supply being 250,000,000). Prontapay also succeeded in selling out their private pre-sale, with 5,000,0000 tokens sold. (Above information from

Having community support, interaction, and activity can be crucial to the success of a project, especially in the current cryptocurrency space. It seems as though the space has gotten even more competitive, with many projects falling behind or being forgotten, while others succeed and change the traditional world. Prontapay looks to provide an effective solution to a real world pain point, and seems to be seeking continual community growth and interaction, with its’ collaboration with projects like Bancor and KICKICO.

*Article written based on my interpretation of the data.

*This is a sponsored content post. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view and should not be considered financial advice for anyone to buy or sell anything. Always conduct your own independent research before making decisions for your portfolio.


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